Yellowstone National Park: A great volcanic vent!


History of the park and features

First of all, it must be said that Yellowstone National Park is a place worth visiting. This and other interesting world news can be found on Avalanches. And there are many reasons for this:

  • This is the first national park in history, with almost a one hundred and fifty-year history (it was founded in 1872);
  • The highest geysers in North America, one of the five geyser fields in the world are located in this park;
  • The largest volcano on the planet, sleeping, but ready to explode at any moment is also located there.

Europeans first got acquainted with Yellowstone National Park at the beginning of the 19th century. However, for a long time no one believed in the existence of hot geysers firing a huge jet of water into the sky. Since the reserve is difficult to access and far from big cities, it took time to prove the existence of geysers. After the Transatlantic Railway was laid tourists were able to admire the beauties of Yellowstone National Park and it gained worldwide fame.

Park at the bottom of the volcano vent

Yes exactly. The park is located in the vents of a huge volcano that is currently sleeping. However, over the past two million years, the volcano erupted several times, and once this almost led to the disappearance of life on the planet. The hollow of this volcano has breathtaking dimensions – 3825 square kilometers. From all sides it is surrounded by mountains which creates a unique beautiful view.

Yellowstone Free River

The park got its name from the river flowing along it. The Yellowstone River is the longest free river in the USA. Like all mountain rivers, the water in Yellowstone is crystal clear. It is thanks to the presence of the volcano and the passage of a large volume of water over the heated lava surface that geyser pillars arise. The park has more than three thousand geysers, which is more than half of the total number on the planet. Each of the springs has its own characteristic color, depending on the chemicals prevailing in it. Yellow, emerald, red waters – the variations are numerous.

Rich wildlife

Yellowstone has many unique species of animals and plants for this park. Bison, wolves, deer, white-breasted eagle and many other species rarely found in the wild live in the park. At the same time, local residents noticed that the bison are leaving the park en masse, which indicates an imminent danger. However, perhaps this is just seasonal migration.

Yellowstone National Park – a unique place for tourism

Due to the unique natural conditions, in the park you can engage in almost all types of tourism. Optimum conditions are provided for mountaineering, kayaking, animal watching. But most importantly, these are magnificent natural landscapes, thanks to which the park often appears on TV screens, but in recent years, unfortunately, due to disturbing news. Earthquakes and flight of animals are regarded by many experts as a sign of an approaching eruption. Judging by the news, the bottom of the lake in some places of Yellowstone Lake rose thirty meters. Perhaps this occurs under the influence of volcanic lava overflowing the soil. More and more news programs and magazine articles are dedicated to this issue. This and other interesting world news can be found on Avalanches.

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