BEAT We know it’s a bit tough at the top, and we get that the stakes are high, more so we understand that the guarantee of a successful SEO is even harder, and so as a small business, this article will answer all your questions.  Let’s face it, at the end of the day, we all need that extra element or two to help us stand above the rest. Because in today’s business landscape, your rankings may rise and fall for many different reasons, ranging from strategy mishaps to the periodic Google ranking algorithm changes.

Although, in the bigger scheme of things, SEO helps marketers predict which strategy would be beneficial in providing consistent long term returns. 

What to do? Follow us, and keep your eyes fixated on the screen because we are about to share 5 ways to boost your SEO.  Yes, you heard right, you can implement your own SEO; trust us, if people can go to space, you can definitely learn how to wire your SEO, it’s not rocket science. So join the uprising of DIY’s and give it a shot, or alternatively, after many tries, you can call in a professional; it will probably be worth your time and the money.

The 5 SEO Must do’s to Guarantee Better Rankings: 

1# Build Marketable Connections

As a small to medium business, you should preferably focus on the macro effects of your digital marketingstrategy, instead of the micro.  Concentrate on building solid relationships with the higher-profiled influencers in your trade. Try BuzzSumo, it’s a convenient research tool used for identifying influencer connections. As your publisher and influencer networks grow, so will your results and ranking. Meaning more visibility, more links and shares, which will eventually put your competitors’ to shame. Social media is the single most excellent tool for cultivating relationships and communicating value to influencers.

2# Content

Search Engine Algorithms recognises words; it’s maybe because our lives are founded on those very words, they give meaning to everything and bring relevance even closer. Remember, your content has to communicate your companies’ unique value proposition through easily recognisable words that resonate with your target audience.  The content should be tied to words your audience is likely to use on searches. Remember, less is always more! So Avoid stuffing keywords into your content, it’s ineffective, it’s counterproductive.

The Big Tip: Test your copy and burn a few rands on advertising. Make sure the content you decide on is easy read by humanoids and people friendly.

3# Coding

Note, the forward-facing code on your site is what the major search engine crawlers look for. You should ensure that the forward-facing code is as frictionless as possible for crawlers. Trying to explain this will be a bit like trying to speak in tongues. Here’s what we can say, take to YouTube and view the countless number of resources that are available out there and can give you a fitting code that works well with the major search engines. Remember fixing codes on a website isn’t what the entire SEO game is about, it’s just a foot in the door.

The Big Tip: High-grade SEO pros can make a difference with technical SEO and the overall changing of codes.

4# Capture

There are many broad keywords at the top of a buying funnel, so to understand if a top-of-the-funnel keyword is useful or not, you should look beyond the last click of a conversion. Nevertheless, that is just one of the many examples of how website data can be used to guide ongoing SEO strategy. Meaning without data, you’re merely just thumb-sucking your, SEO and going on your gut intuition. Yes, Data won’t make you rank, yet it will guide your understanding as to what’s favourable and how to get there!

5# Communications

We’ve mentioned the importance of connections and how building relationships is the ideal way to build links. Yet the question remains, how does one cultivate those relationships? Well tons of research has found social media platforms as the best place to foster the right kind of relations with the right type of influencers, and this robust and compelling social media presence helps with a brand’s recognition.