Lip Lift Toronto is the new smile secret. It is not as well known as some of the cosmetic procedures for the face, but this subtle procedure can greatly impact your face. It enhances the mouth and accentuates the lips while balancing facial proportion. It helps to change the look of your mouth without using any implants or lip fillers or augmentation. Once your lip has been enhanced, your facial appearance refreshes and changes for the better.

Why you should opt for a lip lift?

There are various ways in which the face starts to show the signs of ageing. Stretching and loss of collagen in the form of deep lines and wrinkles are some of the signs. Elongation of the upper lip is one of the common changes of ageing that we don’t usually pay much attention to. As the facial muscles and skin lose their elasticity and sag, the upper lip starts to slightly extend lower and cover the front teeth and cause the lip to appear thinner.

The change made by the lip lift is such that many people don’t realize that the little lift will rejuvenate your mouth and smile. It works by reducing the redundant skin and elevating the upper lip. It is comparatively a less invasive procedure as compared to the other procedures. When going for a lip lift, it is crucial that you opt for a surgeon who is an expert in it as precision is crucial for the best and near scar-less result. When the procedure is done correctly, you will heal faster and the results would be more aesthetically pleasing.

What is a lip lift?

The people who opt for lip lift are usually bothered by the position or the shape of their lips. As we start to age, the pink tissues of the lips start to turn inward slightly. The skin which is over the teeth may become lower too. Ideally, the upper lip measurement shows about 2mm of the teeth with mouth open.

Your teeth may also naturally hide your upper teeth completely or the skin might have dropped downwards over time. A lip lift can fix that. It works by removing just a little skin which is at the junction where the lip meets the nose. This restores the youthful lip and tooth show you are missing, without using any implants or fillers. Just by pulling the mouth upward will reveal more pink and show the teeth when your mouth is open. This little procedure can make a whole lot of difference for your face.

Book your consultation

If you have been unhappy with your droopy smile, then it is time to book your consultation with a surgeon. The best way to learn about whether you are a suited candidate for the procedure or not is by talking to the surgeon. During your consultation you can discuss your aesthetic goals and whether it is the right fit for you or not.

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