You’ve Made All of the Customization for Your Motorbike – Now It’s Time to Do This!


You may have already done some motorbike customizations and spent a lot of money trying to improve your bike’s functionality. However, you felt like something is missing, and you tried to figure it out yourself. Luckily, your hunch is most certainly right, and you would want to try this additional modification into your ride. 

You can use bash plates to protect the underbody of the motorbike. It is made of lightweight but highly durable material that can withstand pressure and bumpy rides. 

If you are curious about these bash plates, read along and find out!

Safety is the priority concern.

Bash plates are good for one thing – they can help sustain the protection of your gear and motorbike from debris and uneven terrain. Additionally, bash plates are made from a hard material that can fend off any rocks which may ricochet into your motorbike’s underside. 

This additional configuration can greatly help you preserve the pristine condition of your motor, transmission, fuel tank, water pump, and oil reservoir. Remember that you can also consult with your mechanic if you intend to add this item to your ride!

Maintains good value and condition

As mentioned earlier, bash plates can be a good investment if you plan to keep the value and condition of your motorbike for a long time. By adding this material to the underbody or underside of your ride, you can significantly reduce the occurrence of damages and preserve the motorbike’s essential parts.

You can also access the bash plates to tinker around with your motorbike’s components. For this reason, it is an essential part of the list of things that you may want to add to your motorbike.

Do not add more weight!

As previously stated, bash plates are made from lightweight material, usually from aluminum sources which are ideal for offering the needed protection without necessarily compromising the weight load of your ride. That is why this additional modification can greatly help those who want to add more layers of protection while preserving the maneuverability of their motorbike


Bash plates are one of the most cost-effective purchases or investments you can do

if you are trying to improve your bike’s overall functionality. Aside from the benefits previously mentioned, these additional modifications are cheaper. Depending on how you view it, one purchase can save you from potential damages, which can cost you more than the one-

time price of the bash plates. 

It comes with a unique feature!

Bash plates are not only sturdy, lightweight, and cost-effective but it also comes with a unique feature. Most commonly, bash plates come with an external reinforcement grid that acts out as a drainage feature in the case, the underside of the motorbike becomes covered with dirt and dust. Bash plates also come with noise reduction and shock absorbent feature which maintains the integrity of the motorbike. Before installing one, it is important that you first compare the prices from different shops and consult with a friend or a mechanic.


Motorbike customization is essential to maintaining the functionality and integrity of your ride. 

Consider investing in bash plates, as they provide several  benefits and can also preserve your motorbike’s condition.

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