5 Reasons Country Clubs Should Have Weather Tracking Tools


For country clubs, weather is a crucial component to daily operations and guest enjoyment. When so much of your business’s activities take place outdoors, an emergency weather alert system becomes a necessity to keeping your visitors safe and your grounds healthy. Earth Network has brought you five key reasons every country club should have a method of tracking the weather.

  • Grounds keeping

Tracking rain patterns or even drought conditions allows you to plan ahead when irrigating the soil on your property. Rain also has the tendency to wash away fertilizers, so knowing ahead of time when the rain is coming will help you decide when to fertilize.

  • Lightning risk

Golf courses can be dangerous places during a lightning storm, due to the metal poles and the golf clubs themselves. Having the most accurate and up-to-date weather information can help you make the safest call when it comes to canceling golf activities or temporarily bringing your golfers indoors.

  • Staffing

Weather can affect the traffic a country club sees on a daily basis. When large storm systems are on the way, especially dangerous ones, it’s helpful to know well in advance so you can plan your day’s staffing around it. You can keep employees safe by telling them to stay home instead of traveling in severe weather.

  • Heat waves

Even when the sun is shining, the comfort of staff and guests is still at risk. A high heat index might prompt you to put out signage, warning people to stay hydrated or perhaps put out awnings or fans in areas where people congregate.

  • Frost delays

During the colder months, golf courses can be heavily impacted by the presence of frost. Walking on frosted greens can cause the brittle grass to die. Having current weather information allows you to implement tee time delays to protect your grounds from foot traffic.

Weather stations for golf courses and other country club activities are a necessity to successful business operation. Earth Networks will have your back in severe weather conditions. Get in touch with us now using our online form.

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