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5 Reasons to Use Beadboard in Your Interiors


Adding beadboard paneling on the walls or in furniture pieces is a popular design trick applied by the interior designers these days. It typically goes hand in hand with a traditional style, but the visually charming panels can complement a broad range of styles – from bohemian to cottage styles and whimsical to contemporary. Check out five reasons to use beadboard in your home.

To Achieve a Clean and Crisp Look

Cream or white beadboard wainscoting is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, but you can quickly bring the sassy charm of the fresh white look of your bedroom too. A white beadboard wall behind the bed, white ceiling, and plenty of natural light will create an airy, open feel in the room.

You can bring an accent color, not necessarily a bright one, to complement the clean, refreshing look and the vintage-style elegance of the paneling. However, one or two gorgeous details such as a colorful lampshade or a couple of pillows will enhance visual interest.

To Create a Contrasting Look

White beadboard paneling is the perfect background for creating a contrasting look. The panels are mainly installed on the lower half of a wall. You can easily create an attractive look by painting the other half in a bold color. Juxtaposing white panels with a vibrant color will create a contemporary statement that will also channel a classic style at the same time.

Such a look will suit a tropical dining or living room. Just enhance the combination by adding bamboo or rattan furniture and leaf-printed curtains on the windows.

To Pair up with Patterns

Beadboard panels are a highly versatile design element that can be paired up with lots of items. The panels themselves create a subtle pattern on the wall, but they also look gorgeous if combined with other patterned items such as a wallpaper, fabrics, and painted designs.

Pairing up with wallpaper is the easiest way to create a beautiful look, but you can also juxtapose the panels with patterned upholstered furnishings or window curtains. In fact, vibrant textiles on the backdrop of a neutral beadboard paneling are the perfect prop to fill a room with bohemian flair.

To Add Colorful Accents

Instead of combining a neutral beadboard paneling with a bold paint color, you can use the panels as a canvas for adding colorful accents in a room. You can paint them in aqua blue for injecting a cottage vibe in the room or a dark shade such as cobalt blue for creating a more exotic impression.

You can highlight the panels even more by adding unexpected touches such as painting the trims with white color and strategic placement of colorful access throughout the room such as a vase of yellow tulip, colorful artwork on the walls, and a pendant with an exotic shade.

To Create an Accent Wall

Beadboard panels are excellent for creating an accent wall. You don’t have to do anything else than picking up a wall and cover the entire space with beadboard panels. Keep the placement vertical or create a bigger impact by choosing the slightly unusual vertical placement.

You can paint the accent wall in white color or keep the original wood finish for a more natural look. However, you can highlight it even more by painting it with a bright color if the rest of the room is white or neutral. Don’t forget to thin down the paint o allow the grain of the panels to show through.

The versatility of beadboard paneling gives them access to almost everywhere in a home. You can use them in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and where not! Besides, they are flexible so that you can experiment with colors and pair them up with a broad range of design and décor elements. In fact, the appeal of beadboard panels in decorating the living spaces is not going to decline any soon.


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