5 Tips for Creating for Your First Home Gym


The thought of having access to various exercise machines and working out whenever you want and need to can be pretty exciting. Couple this with the idea of not having to wait for your turn to use some equipment and that you can use one for as long as you want, and you will definitely start saving money immediately to build your home gym.

Having a home gym offers several benefits, indeed. Whether you are on a strict workout regimen because you are an athlete or you simply want to be healthier and fitter, you will achieve all your goals with less stress. You will save money on membership fees and transportation expenses as well.

A Guide to Building the Ideal Home Gym

Creating your personal fitness center, however, goes beyond buying various gym and equipment for sale and setting them up in the basement or empty bedroom.  Setting up a home gym requires a substantial amount of investment financially and effort-wise. As such, you need to be sure you will get the most from everything you will pour into this project.

If you are building your first home gym and you want to be certain it will help you achieve all your health and fitness goals, follow the tips below:

1.    Set your budget

Ideally, your home gym will have all the equipment, gear, and accessories you used in your commercial fitness center. However, they will be housed in a smaller space, which could be your basement or an unused room.

Unfortunately, the equipment and other items you can have in your home gym will be affected by various factors. Your budget will be one of these limiting influences.

Although it will be great to have a variety of cardio and strength training equipment at your disposal all the time, going broke to buy them should never be an option.

To avoid breaking the bank to outfit your gym, set a budget first. This will help you narrow down the best workout machines to buy. You will also be more motivated to do sufficient comparison shopping to ensure you find the perfect equipment and accessories at the best prices.

2.    Determine your goals for building your home gym

Setting a budget is a good start to creating the perfect home gym. When you also consider what you want to get from this project, your chances of having all the equipment and accessories you need and getting the most out of it will be higher.


List down your fitness goals before you start shopping for exercise machines. These can include getting more cardio or strength training workout or building your arm muscles.

When you know what you want to achieve from your home gym, you will have a better view of what you should buy. Additionally, you will also be certain that you will get the workout you need and want every time you are in your fitness center.

Think about what you like doing as well. If you have never been a fan of taking the stairs, forget buying a stair climber. Set your sights on having a stationary bike or treadmill instead.

By considering the activities or workouts you enjoy, you will also be sure you will exercise in your home gym regularly.

3.    Consider the available space

The number and types of workout machines you can place in your home gym will depend on the area where you will set it up.


If the room is spacious, and your budget allows it, you can get more than one bulky gym equipment. This means that aside from a treadmill, you can also buy a functional trainer and even a rowing machine if you like them.

In case space is an issue, the best thing to do is to get space-saving workout equipment, such as the TRX suspension training system or even a door-mounted pull-up bar.

Another option would be to think of workouts you enjoy that you don’t need plenty of space to do. These can include working out with dumbbells and resistance bands and doing jump rope exercises.

With these workouts, you simply buy dumbbells, resistance bands, and a jump rope. Although these accessories may be basic, using them to exercise will allow you to vary your routine and get more from your home gym.

4.    Avoid quick quick-fix workout equipment

It can be easy to think of all-in-one exercise machines and tools you can bring anywhere as must-have home gym equipment and accessories. Although many of these are indeed handy and provide results, not all of them do.

When shopping, avoid products that promise unbelievable results with little effort or require you to work only one muscle group.

For instance, an infomercial may say you will get great abs and lose weight with a particular expensive machine. Although this equipment may be useful, you will only improve your abdominal muscles. You will have to use other items for your workout.

If you think about it carefully, an exercise ball will be a better option since it is highly versatile. You can use it for core work, balance exercises, and weight training. It is a more affordable workout accessory as well.

5.    Create the perfect workout space

Lastly, all your investment and efforts in outfitting and organizing your home gym will go to waste if you only spend 15 minutes here every day or only use it once a week.

Aside from having the necessary workout machines, place a TV or table where you can watch fitness videos or stream your favorite shows. Put a Bluetooth speaker as well so that you can listen to your favorite tunes while you exercise. Additionally, stock this area with towels, a water bottle, and reading materials.

It is also worth adding here to consider placing one or two full-size mirrors in your fitness room. When you can watch yourself exercise, you will be able to correct your form and minimize injury.


When you have everything you need to spend hours in your home gym, you will get more workout. You will maximize all your investments as well.

Finding the best home gym equipment is the cornerstone for creating your personal fitness center. However, there are still other steps to take to have the perfect area in your house where you can work out at your convenience. Follow the tips above, and you will surely have a room that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Author Bio:

Kelvin Garner is the founder of Garner General Trading, a one-stop solution for all fitness needs in the UAE. The Garner team have put many years into sourcing a high-quality and affordable range of home and commercial gym equipment. From selecting the right equipment for your personal needs and space available, to the professional setup in your home, Garner General Trading is there each step of the way.

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