Bentonite clay: 7 signs you can use its goodness

Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay may look pretty unassuming upon first glance. After all, it’s a simple powder and could be mistaken for anything you’d see in your baking cupboard! But this “simple powder” is actually a potent agent for health, skin and beauty. This cost-efficient clay is an incredible detoxer and purifier, providing the body with ample benefits across a range of different applications.

When wet, the clay swells up, absorbing any horrid toxins that may be located in your body (think bacteria, heavy metals and parasites!). If you are looking to alleviate your skin and body of these nasty toxins, this is the natural way to do just that.

There are multiple signs that you can use this wondrous purifying agent in your life. If you feel your body could benefit from a real detox, one that incorporates ancient healing properties to rid your system of some nasty impurities, then this could be perfect for you.

Here are a few signs you need some fabulous bentonite clay powder in your life:

Note: Remember to always use filtered, pure water mixed in with a wooden spoon. DO NOT use a metal spoon as this will mess with the product’s natural goodness.

The classic detox bath

The legendary detox bath is truly invigorated with this awesome product. We can all use a detox bath here and there, especially as it makes us feel oh so good and perfect afterwards. Forget the old bicarb bath – adding a ¼ cup of this wonderful product to your weekly soak will really draw out the dirt and bodily debris whilst promoting health and wellbeing.

The perfect face mask doesn’t exi…

Oh yes it does, and it comes in the form of this perfect natural product! Toxin-absorbing to the fullest, this face mask will leave your complexion looking clean, fresh and oh so vibrant. Simply mix the powder with warm water until it forms a luscious paste. Apply to the face and neck before leaving for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and apply your favourite moisturiser – you’ve done a really good thing for your skin.

You really want to soak your feet

We could all use a foot soak here and there. So mix a few tablespoons (four is ideal) with some warm water and soak them tootsies for 30 minutes. This is such a soothing way to reinvigorate what could be some pretty knackered feet, and allows you some real you time in the process.

You need an all-encompassing skin healer

As this product draws out toxins and impurities, you can apply to bites, burns, cuts, scrapes – you name it. Make a paste and leave it on the skin, allowing it to dry before rinsing it off with warm water. This will help speed the healing process through fighting infection.

It’s a super-calming skin cleanser

Apply this power powder to skin affected by chicken pox, eczema or psoriasis. Allow it to dry before giving it a solid warm water rinse. This could help alleviate dryness, calm the irritation and reduce redness.

You need a poultice

This potent poultice can be used to calm and heal skin infections and rashes. Simply apply it to the affected spot before laying some cotton or gauze over the area. Cover it and allow it to sit before changing every couple of hours!

You feel the need for an internal cleansing

Mixing a table of this goodness with a glass of water (yes, you drink it!) is a way to eliminate toxins, ease digestive problems and boost your immune system whilst releasing helpful minerals into your system. Avoid drinking within two hours of taking medication or one hour of eating.

Mia Johnson
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