Can You Install Paint Protection Film by Yourself?


Brisbane is one of the cities in Australia that has been a magnet for expatriates and students. It offers world-class beaches, it’s full of green space, and it has weekend farmers’ markets.

It is the capital of Queensland, an Australian state that is four times as big as Germany. Brisbane has a population of around 2.5 million, and it is very large, you are often likely to be in long travels.

Since the city has a huge population, you can’t expect public transport to be very comfortable, although the city has nice public transportation. So, if you think you will be travelling across the city a lot, you must invest in a car.

Brisbane has a sub-tropical climate, so winter is mild. The summer, however, is a different story. The city is really hot during the summer that you will spend the entire season near the beach. If you can protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen, you should also protect your car from its rays and other elements while you are on the road. To protect the surface of your car from the sun’s rays, you will have to find a shop that provides car paint protection in Brisbane, to do the job.

Coating your car with paint protection film (PPF) is the best way to keep your car’s paint fresh. So, can you DIY it? Well, it’s a big NO! Unlike other car modification projects, coating your car with PPF is something that you should leave on the hands of a professional. Why? Keep on reading.

Should Be Done in the Right Environment

Applying PPF should be done in an environment without dust. Once dust gets trapped between the film and the surface of your car paint, your car will have an unwanted design. You will see it every time you walk by, and you will feel it when you run your hand over. This is one of the main reasons why you have to let the professionals do the work, as their shop has the right place to do it.

Having a space that is completely sterile with dust management is not easy to create. This is why PPF installation is considered as an investment. The shops that offer PPF installation have to invest in sophisticated booths with required systems to do it properly.

Need A Lot of Experience

Research, blogs, video tutorials, or social media groups can never give you the right experience to do the task. Going DIY with the PPF is putting your car paint at risk of serious damage.

Most DIY kits will have you cut the edge of the film. This task is nerve-wracking, even if it is not your first time doing it. It takes a lot of patience, knowledge, and the right skills that you only get from doing it for a long time.

Time-Consuming and Boring

A lot of work is needed when it comes to installing the treatment on your car. Each step is done precisely and carefully, or it will affect the finish. Dirt and dust, scratch marks, and air bubbles are likely to happen for a noob installer.

Moreover, the tasks are boring and consume a lot of time, and enduring this only to get an ugly result is frustrating. Only the professionals will get through it, and they’ll make it right to get an awesome finish.

Some car modifications, such as installing new bumpers, sound systems, or spoilers, are fun to do on your own. However, when it comes to a delicate task like installing PPF, you need to contact a professional. You can find a shop offering installation of car paint protection in Brisbane, without any hassle just by looking them up on Google.

Aside from the experience and expertise, they have access to quality materials, and they have the right space to do the job.

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