Driving for Fun: All About the Ford Mustang


If you’re just looking to get around town, any car can do that. But there’s another species of driver who enjoys the art of driving itself, and they need a different kind of vehicle.

If you’re looking to enjoy the art of driving, you need a real piece of artwork — the legendary Ford Mustang convertible certainly qualifies! While your eyes are peeled on the road as it whizzes by, this sexy speed demon will have the heads of bystanders turning everywhere. Read on to learn what four things make the Ford Mustang such a celebrated sports car.

1.     Sporty Guts

The heart and soul of any sports car comes down to what’s under the hood, and a look at what’s doing in the Ford Mustang will excite any car fan. The Ford Mustang packs an enormous punch: its 5.2L V8 engine is good for no less than 526 horsepower and 429-lb-ft of torque, making a race track of any road you drive on.

Dual exhausts with electronic valves and quad tips make the engine even more powerful, and come standard on both the Mustang GT350 and the GT350R.

2.     The Looks to Match

While a sports car’s swagger has to be rooted in its engine, the motor alone isn’t enough — the car has to look fast, too! Even when it’s parked, anyone who gazes at the Ford Mustang knows it can fly.

Classic sporty features include hood vents and a carbon fibre rear wing. There are also LED sequential taillights and an Easy Fuel capless fuel filler which come standard. To take things to get another level, you can opt for the Rear Spoiler and the over-the-top racing stripe.

3.     Advanced Safety Features

Any car capable of going such speeds has to have safety features to match, and the Mustang certainly does. Coming standard are 3-point safety belt restraint system in every seat and an entire suite of airbags that go beyond what’s found in a normal car: dual front airbags, front-seat side-impact airbags, side-curtain airbags, driver’s knee airbags, and Glove Box Door-Integrated Knee Airbags all come standard.

There are also a suite of driver-assist technologies to keep you and everyone on the road safer, such as Pre-Collision assist with Pedestrian Detection, automatic emergency braking and more. Mustangs are made for excitement, but it never has to come at the expense of safety.

4.     Modern Comforts

While high performance sports cars are mostly associated with raw speed and power, new models have some features designed to keep drivers and passengers comfortable and entertained. For example, standard with all models is a 9-speaker sound system and SiriusXM Radio.

FordPass Connect is available, so you can make your whole car into a Wi-Fi hotspot. This will help you keep connected and entertained on the road.

Reading about an exciting car is way less than fun driving one! If you’re looking to have some fun on the road, go to your local Ford dealer and check out the Ford Mustang today.

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