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Winning should be the strategy of a player. Hence, if you are participating in a sports event this time, then buy the best sports watch for yourself. Many sportsperson participate in triathlon which means an athletic event consisting of swimming, running for long distance and cycling. Triathlon is considered to be one of the toughest athletic events in the world. Triathlon watches are specially designed watches for events in triathlon for calculating the time taken by you in completing a particular event. They come in various ranges and are available in many stores online. So, you can go for the best triathlon watch for you this time to help you tell correct time taken by you. Take experts’ review to select the best watch and surf the internet to purchase the one. It helps in tracking your movements throughout the event in triathlon. So, while selecting the triathlon watch you must see to its battery backup, accuracy and durability.

Features of a Triathlon watch

Swimming Features

Before purchasing this watch, make sure that it is waterproof (Check its water proof quality in atmosphere which will tell the rating for your watch). For example, if the rating is 5 then it means that your watch can withstand the pressure of sea water five times without a drop of water inside your watch.

Cycling Features

You watch should have features of measuring the speed of your cycle i.e. it should have features of measuring their distance, speed and time and calculating the speed. Power meter should be there in your watch for giving precise measurements.

Running Features

Your triathlon watch should have features of running like it should be able to count steps, and distance, calories etc. Some of the enhanced triathlon watches will also measure the time at which your feet touched the ground and will measure it in cadence i.e. number of times your feet touched the ground in one minute.

If all the above smart features are there in your triathlon watch then you can surely buy it.


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