Google Ads help to drive more traffic as well as generate more leads and conversions. More products can be sold online with increasing website traffic via Google Ads sounds simple in theory. Unfortunately, in practice, it needs a solid PPC strategy. However, the result obtained from Adwords is almost instant and transparent. Therefore, the investment in terms of efforts and cash is worthy. 

Busy Fox is a digital marketing company popular for its effective PPC campaigns and SEO services. The agile team makes use of cutting-edge technology to ensure that your brand gains quality exposure and social media ROI increases. If you are still skeptical about PPC paid search campaign then here are some good reasons to help you make an informed decision. 

Good reasons to invest in Google Ads campaign

Google ads work quickly than SEO 

SEO and PPC are both search marketing company tactics designed to generate more leads and sales. Nevertheless, a well-strategized AdWords campaign works faster than organic search efforts. Businesses can gain the most coveted top spot on the result page.

It works faster because –

  • Emphasize multiple keywords simultaneously.
  • Stop and start the campaign anytime you desire.
  • Ads appear on top of the search result page, so get instant visibility.

It does not mean organic search marketing strategy is sub-standard. Remember, SEO effort has more long-term benefits. With Adwords, you gain instant visibility and real-time report of what is occurring with the ads. 

Allows accurate targeting 

Targeting ads towards people interested in your brand. With Google Adwords, you can target people in different ways. Using several factors, you can create more targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Keywords 
  • Ad location
  • Demographics
  • Devices
  • Days, time & frequency

Control on budget

Google ads allow you to control how the marketing budget needs to be spent. You only pay when a user clicks on your advertisement and comes to your website. Besides, real-time tracking with the Google Analytics tool allows you to fine-tune your budget allocation. Shift more cash towards the ads that are performing great by stopping the failed ones. 

Consistently measure PPC campaign performance

If a user clicks on your ad, you know! You can even keep track of what activity they did on your website like did they make a purchase or downloaded your app. With an idea of which ad was clicked and which didn’t allow you to quickly decide where to invest, this can enhance your ROI. 

Other valuable data like average costs for ads that lead to phone calls or purchases can be received from the Google Analytics tool. Getting an insight into consumers’ spending habits is also useful to improve their shopping experience on your online store.

Handle competition better

If your competitor is running a Google ads campaign and you are not then it means trouble. You miss business opportunities. Find out how they promote business, the kind of ad campaign they run, and more. Google ads are a transparent system and help you track competitors’ performance. Plan your PPC ad campaign strategy based on competition research and gain an edge.