Important Questions to ask before hiring an immigration lawyer


When you are on the verge of hiring a reliable immigration lawyer in Toronto or any other place, you should do a few things while researching. Apart from searching the websites or finding references, you should shortlist some important questions that you need to ask the lawyer to confirm about his/her genuine proficiency.

In this article, we will help you create some of those questions that you should keep handy while visiting the immigration lawyer or the immigration law firm that you want to hire to help you get the citizenship in any area you want. Ask the immigration lawyer some of the questions given in the following—

Do you practice only immigration law?

Being prospect client, you have the right to know whether the solicitor only practices immigration law Toronto or anywhere else. That’s why, apart from the individual lawyers, many prefer to get connected to an immigration law firm that is only run by the partners experienced in only this area of law.

Tell me something about your qualifications and certificates?

You can know about the qualifications and the certificate achievements of the immigration lawyer in Toronto before hiring. Though you can learn about them from the references or from the websites but asking the lawyer about the area of specializations and the awards achieved or the certifications he or she has bagged will.

Are you experienced? Since how long you are working as a Toronto immigration lawyer?

Know about the total working experience of the lawyer. You need an extremely talented and dynamic immigration lawyer that will help you in getting the citizenship as quickly as possible. That’s why you need to confirm the exact experience of the lawyer whether practicing individually or under a firm to remain confident about the performance.

What is your opinion about being client-friendly and supportive?

It is essential to work with a people’s person. Therefore, instead of asking here and there, ask the immigration lawyer in Toronto or anywhere else directly that how much he or she will score his or her attitude and behavior towards the client.

Will my case get any personal attention?

Ask this question to the solicitor as mostly the individual lawyers take several cases and can hardly manage to give any time to their clients. Therefore, you need to find an immigration law firms in Toronto or anywhere else that is reputed for offering one-on-one services.

Do you have a satisfied group of clients?

Make sure that the professional has a long queue of satisfied clients. They must be reputed and have earned the goodwill for showing their dedication and passion for helping their clients in receiving the immigration certificate or the citizenship in any country they are located.

Do you have any success story to share where you really proved your efficiency as an immigration lawyer?

Know about some of the success stories they have enshrined to share with their dedicated customers.

These are some of the most sought after questions that you need to ask the immigration lawyer before handing over your case to the solicitor.


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