Interesting Facts about Floral Designs


Flowers are global ambassadors for joy and peace. Be it summer or spring, autumn or winter, flower bouquets are given every day. Flowers arranged in different ways enhance their beauty, and the arrangements vary from place to place, from culture to culture. Florists usually arrange their flowers in baskets, trays, bowls, or vases.. The style of the arrangement varies with the occasion. The designers for flower delivery in London, Ontario provide floral arrangements for all occasions.

What’s in a design?

The ability to assort and combine different flowers of different sizes, shapes, colors and textures requires high levels of skill and a great aesthetic sense, defined by one’s expressive abilities and intentions.

  • The first documented floral arrangement in history is the Egyptian arrangement, which had cut flowers placed in vases. This can be seen in relics dating back to 2500 BC.
  • In Japan, the famed Ikebana style is a very simple arrangement, with minimal flowers and stems used. It symbolizes the union of man and nature.
  • The Dutch style of floral arrangements has a lot of ferns, moss and leaves and many types of flowers in the composition. The arrangement resembles a mini garden once completed.
  • The European style has a lot of asymmetry and negative spacing within the flowers. Contrasting materials add interest.
  • The Traditional English style of floral arrangement has flowers and foliage surround the central stem in a radial or a spiral fashion. The taller flowers are centrally placed, while the smaller ones surround them, giving the arrangement a sense of completeness.

Flower shops in London, Ontario, have exhaustive options of floral arrangements, and cater to the needs of the customer.

To each, its own

Not only do the designs have symbolism, but also the flowers themselves. Seasons, occasions, and moods define their choicest flowers. Red roses symbolize love. White lilies symbolize purity, and therefore are used in weddings. Yellow chrysanthemums and daffodils cheer up one’s mood, and are used in encouraging bouquets. Flowers like carnations, lilies, roses, orchids, and gladiolas are the best choices for funerals, as wreaths or as bouquets. Florists are often well trained in choosing the right flower for the right occasion.

Every day is special

Occasions apart, sending flowers to one’s loved ones at home or a hospital makes the receivers feel happy, and the happiness would linger for a long time. The florists of London, Ontario have the ability to deliver floral arrangements and other gifts to the place of choice, without the sender needing to hand it over personally, even if the receiver or sender lives across the oceans. In today’s age of technological advancement, making the most of online services to send happiness and sympathy to ones near and dear through flowers is indeed a boon.

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