Keep Your Restaurant Pest-Free This Summer


The first rule in the restaurant business: always keep the customer happy. That’s why you serve great food and take pride in your customer service, but you also have to make sure your customers can dine in a clean and safe environment. For a restaurant, besides providing a great experience for each individual customer, there are also strict health regulations that have inspectors to enforce them and these inspectors have the right to examine every single room and piece of restaurant equipment you have. If you are found to be in violation of the health code, you will be cautioned and, if the problem persists, even shut down. It’s not just that sign could be posted by your door, it’s the fact people talk and someone is always eager to write about how they found a cockroach in your restaurant, tarnishing your reputation for years.

To take a step back; most businesses consider the cost of acquiring a new customer to be extremely high. For a restaurant that means you have to get them inside the door and make their visit a positive and enjoyable one so they will return in the future.

Your repeat customers are familiar and comfortable at your restaurant and they know what to expect. This works in your favor until they spot a roach underneath the table, a rat sneaking around the store rooms, or take bed bugs back from your seating. In this type of situation, an ounce of prevention is worth far more than a pound of cure; prevention could mean you that your business doesn’t end up in bankruptcy.

This is why pest control is crucial for a restaurant, as there is an abundance of food, moisture, warmth and secluded safe places to feed and breed. In the Greater Toronto Area, companies like Power Pest Control provide residential and commercial pest control to keep the bugs at bay.

Everything regarding pest control in Toronto is under the jurisdiction the Ministry of the Environment, which licenses exterminators to use pesticides safely. Make sure that the pest control professional you hire is licensed, and, like Power Pest Control, also uses the least toxic chemical options available, so that it’s safe for you to open again. You can also ask ahead for a quote based on the regularity of the service you need and the size of your restaurant. A good commercial pest control service in Toronto will offer preventive pest control and monitoring as a way to stay on top of any potential infestations. Especially in older buildings, pests are just part of life in Toronto. It’s a smart idea to enlist regular help to nip problems in the bud before your customers hear about it on Yelp.

The bottom line for any business is that a ticked-off customer is far more likely to slam or your business on the internet with sites like Yelp and with Google reviews than a highly satisfied customer is willing to take a few minutes to give you a compliment. That can seem unfair, but the customers who love your business will say so. It’s up to you to keep them coming back and keep their experience clean and safe.

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