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The Best 5 Finger Braces in 2020 [Ranked + Reviews]


Injuries to the fingers are some of the most common sports injuries. Small fractures are fairly common, as are jammings. Providing first aid and putting the finger back in place is not difficult, but the recovery process can be long and problematic, as it limits the use of the hand. Especially if it’s the dominant hand. 

Additionally, due to much activity and bad hand position, stiffness in the fingers is a common malady. The modern workspace revolves around computers and typing, so stiff joints are an unwelcome, yet habitual occurrence.

A good trigger finger brace can help with healing and alleviate much of the discomfort. Don’t let discomfort turn into a long-term health problem, and choose one of the top 5 finger braces available in 2020.

1. Trigger Finger Splint by Vive

The splint is made from lightweight neoprene and has built-in aluminum support. It is ideal for immobilizing injured fingers, and the lightweight build won’t add additional weight to your joint. It also fits the thumb. Velcro fasteners let you adjust the fit, making it universal.

The material used for the construction of the Trigger Finger Splint is lightweight and breathable, which will help with the build-up of odor.


  • Promotes healing – the Trigger Finger Splint is designed to immobilize your fingers and help with the healing process. It will speed up the recovery of your injured fingers while allowing you to retain the functionality of your hand.
  • Helps with stiffness – it will help ease the pain caused by stiff joints. Wearing the splint will allow you to work undisturbed, without unnecessary stiffness.
  • Prevents sweat build-up – the material used for the construction of the brace draws the moisture to the exterior, allowing it to evaporate and avoid unpleasant odors.
  • Adjustable – the Velcro fasteners will let you adjust the fit, preventing sliding or bunching up.


  • Shorter – the Trigger Finger Splint is shorter than some of the others available on the market. If you have large hands you may need to fiddle with it until it fits.

2. Hand and Finger Immobilizer by BraceAbility

This splint is meant to accommodate people of all sizes – it has versions intended for use by men, women, and children. The malleable aluminum support allows you to adjust it to your exact specifications.

The padded sponge and nylon are made to make it comfortable to wear. Additionally, it can immobilize any two adjacent fingers, making it ideal for larger injuries.


  • Available in 3 sizes – the Hand and Finger Immobilizer is meant to be used by men, women, and children, and can be ordered in the appropriate sizes.
  • Customizable – the straps the brace has to allow you to adjust the fit, making it tight, yet comfortable.


  • No thumb brace – the brace was not designed to be worn on the thumb.

3. Graduated Finger Splint Set by 3-Point Products

The graduated sets come in three sizes. They are meant to fit your finger as it changes in size during treatment. The material they are made from is light, and the bands are wide with rounded edges, making it comfortable to wear. The splints are designed to treat a variety of conditions, depending on how they are worn.


  • Multiple sizes – the splint comes in 3 sizes, which will help them fit regardless of the size of your fingers.
  • Treats multiple conditions – depending on how they are worn, they can treat trigger finger, mallet finger, and hypermobility.
  • Comfortable – the splints are lightweight with rounded edges, making them comfortable to wear.


  • Many options – finding the size that fits you can be tricky.
  • Cost – these splints are more expensive than other finger splints.

4. Adjustable Trigger Finger Splint by HealME

Adjustable Trigger Finger splint is meant to fit all sizes of fingers and thumbs. Comes with an adjustable fastener and aluminum support. Made from comfortable materials, including cotton. The size of the splint may be too large for some people.


  • Thumb support – can be worn on an injured thumb.
  • Breathable – the materials will allow your skin to breathe, preventing sweating and bad smells.
  • Extra fastening tape – it will allow you to adjust the tightness, making for a better fit.


  • Large size – some people may find the splint too large for their hands.

5. Finger Splint by Quanquer

Used for alleviating the discomfort of finger injuries, this splint comes with removable aluminum support. It is easy to put on and take off. Intended for short-term use, the durability is lower than some other splints.


  • Breathable – the material will allow your skin to breathe, helping with the build-up of odor.
  • Multiple uses – it is used to treat multiple fingers and tendon injuries.
  • Aluminum support – it provides security for the finger until it heals.


  • No thumb support – not suitable to be worn on the thumb.
  • Size – it can accommodate up to 3 inches in circumference.
  • Durability – not very durable.

In Conclusion

Finger braces and splits are necessary to heal all kinds of injuries and alleviate stiffness. Weight the price, quality, and applicability, and choose the right splint.

We recommend Trigger Finger Splint by Vive – it will promote healing, help with stiffness, can be adjusted to fit just about any hand, and the high-quality materials it is made of make it comfortable to wear.

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