Things to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions


Hair integrations or hair extensions provide volume and length to one’s hair. Before one gets a hair extension, it is necessary to know its types. These can be synthetic as well as natural ones. One can find the best hair extensions in Melbourne with uncompromised quality in places like LDL International. Virgin extensions use the cuticles of natural hair and are of the best quality, giving the hair a natural look as they flow in the same direction. In case one is tight on budget, synthetic extensions are a feasible option. These are convenient for people looking for temporary style changes. They often tangle easily but are low maintenance. Out of the individuals who get integrations in Melbourne, 70% of them initially prefer a temporary change in style and then switch to permanent ones.

One can use extensions for several reasons. It adds volume to the hair and helps experiments with colour without using chemicals on hair or even get a different look. People not having good growth of hair often use it to add length. Certain things need to be kept in mind before one gets an extension. The most vital one is that one always uses the help of a professional to avoid damaging one’s hair. Making sure it does not cause any discomfort or pain when being fixed is crucial.

People should use good quality extensions. Although they might be expensive, they do not damage hair in the future. Alongside, regular oiling and treatments can help take good care of natural hair. There are several types of hair extension, and choosing the right kind is extremely important. The prices of these integrations vary; the average cost of temporary one’s range from $300-$500, and permanent one’s range from $600-$3000 in Melbourne.

  1. Tape-In Extensions are usually 1.5-8 inches long wefts and take 60-90 minutes to attach. They last for four to six weeks and do not make use of heat during application.
  2. Micro Ring Extensions come in bundles and take 4-5 hours to attach. They usually last for 60-90 days and can be reused and washed easily.
  3. Weaving involves sewing using cotton threads and needles and takes 2-4 hours to attach. They stay in for about 60-90 days and volume to hair. One needs to keep in mind that they can remove it with the help of professionals.
  4. Clip-In Extensions also come in wefts that are 2-8 inches long and take just 5-10 minutes to attach. One can put it and remove it as per their need and are cheaper as it does not last long.
  5. Hot Fusion Extensions involves a keratin bond with silicone lining attached to it to protect hair damage. It takes 6-8 hours to attach these extensions, and they generally last for four to six months. They are not reusable but blend well with natural hair.
  6. Cold Fusion Extensions are different from hot fusion only in the way that keratin is pre-tipped in it. It takes 4-6 hours to attach these extensions and last for two to three months. The clamp tool causes hair breakage and is advisable for fine hair.

Apart from the choice of the kind of extensions, the selection of an accurate colour is crucial. One needs to consider all the possible questions before getting integration. Knowledge of the money one is willing to spend and how long does one want extensions is necessary. Taking care that one removes these extensions professionally and at the correct time before the hair gets damaged is vital. The best hair extensions in Melbourne do not compromise on quality and give one the most natural look. Consulting a hair professional before getting an extension is extremely important to know what suits your hair type. Also, one needs to change one’s hair products like shampoo and conditioner based on integrations.

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