Virtual Voyage – A Guide to Virtual Offices


Indonesia’s manufacturing and mining industries have always been at the foundation of this country’s economy. However, the country that is comprised of a number of islands is an easy draw for the tourism industry, as well. Add in a business culture that values a hierarchical system that is based on respect and close kinship, and those working in the country can find themselves having one of the best professional experiences imaginable.

While working on any one of the country’s islands envisions being surrounded by a Southern Pacific paradise, working in the country does present itself with many challenges. In addition to cutting through the bureaucracy of licencing, getting office space can be one of many hassles because of the difficulty related to securing affordable space in Jakarta and other smaller cities. For no other reason than the above, the virtual office is primed to help your business grow in Indonesia.

Continue reading below to learn more about how you can get the best value the virtual office and utilise this office solution for optimal results.


The virtual office works by leasing the use of the internet and office space to businesses who prefer the remote-working method over traditional office space. The virtual office also gives businesses a physical address and phone number, but at the same time, businesses save a huge amount of money because they do not report to an actual office every day. Some of the better leasing outfits in Indonesia help businesses navigate the tricky terrain of doing business in Indonesia, but for the most part, the virtual office is a remote-working concept that allows businesses to work from any location. Servcorp Virtual Offices in Jakarta are a great example of the way many premium plans work.

Online Management System

When operating your business through the virtual office, your business can get the most from the plan by providing structure to your business’s infrastructure and investing in an online business management system. This system essentially does the work of keeping track of contract payments, allowing team members to communicate with each other through instant chat, giving contractors the ability to receive and submit assignments, and helping your business keep organised records. With its audio and video capabilities, you pretty much can stay in direct communication with team members.

The uses of this type of system are endless in that it allows your business to work for you even when you are away from your computer. As for providing a safe structure for teams to work in, an online management system can keep information secure from others. These systems can be costly, but they are worth the investment for your business.

Hiring Talent

By adopting an online format, those will find that, in many cases, it is much easier to attract and find talent from around the world. Whereas in typical office settings, managers go through a process of hiring people, the virtual office’s borderless landscape can help you access world-class talent from around the globe. Furthermore, with the number of professional social media sites, managers can find talent quickly just by pouring through the sheer volumes of applications and resumes uploaded to these sites. In essence, it makes hiring workers remotely, effortless.

Testing New Markets

With the amalgam of research tools available online, those adopting the virtual office format can do preliminary research to determine whether a location is a good business prospect. Then, if travel is necessary, you only need to worry about finding accommodations because your office travels with you. As long as you have a working device and an internet connection, you can work. Furthermore, some of the larger fit-outs can provide you with meeting and conference room space in many countries around the world.

Working In The Virtual Landscape

The virtual landscape can open many doors to those choosing to live and work in Indonesia. With its versatile uses, your business benefits from being able to access information and meet the needs of your clients in an office space without borders. Whether using the plan temporarily until you find affordable space or adopting this format permanently, the virtual office can help your business grow among Indonesia’s other industries.

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