What Does It Mean When a Cigar is Called Mature?


Have you ever thought about what a hoyo de monterrey excalibur maduro means? Cigar makers go to a lot of trouble to choose wrappers with nice and bright colors for their cigars. When talking about food, it is common to say that a dish “enters our eyes.” Reaching inferences about the flavor of a cigar dependent on its wrapper’s color could be a common mistake among inexperienced smokers. The dark color of a cigar is usually associated with its strength and flavor. However, this is not always true. For example, if we speak of a Maduro or an Oscuro, the taste tends to be sweet and even chocolatey.

The Maduro or ‘Capa Negra’ wrapper in Spanish has gained a reputation among cigar lovers and, since its conception, has become a trendy choice. Maduro means “mature” in Spanish, which perfectly describes the long process tobacco leaves go through to achieve a dark chocolate color. 

Known to any cigar enthusiast, several factors contribute to the overall experience and flavor of a cigar. One of which includes its packaging. The wrapper is the outer layer of the bar, which encloses the binder and filler. It comes in a wide range of colors, such as Clear, Connecticut, and Maduro. Here you will find the difference between these dark variants and what makes them unique.

Collecting the cigar wrapper too early and fermentation methods can affect the taste of the cigar. Experts usually differentiate seven different colors, while an employee of a cigar factory responsible for the uniformity of the color in the boxes, the selector, can distinguish multiple shades.

  • Claro Claro: Double Claro, American Market Selection, or Candela would be used as synonyms. The tobacco leaves are reaped early and dried with fake warmth. The color of the wrapper is between yellow and olive green.
  • Claro: Characteristic color of the Connecticut Shade has matured inside a gauze to protect it from the sun. The color is similar to that of coffee with milk. The tobacco leaves are harvested just before they mature and air-dried without artificial aid.
  • Colorado Claro: This color, between light brown a golden brown, indicates that the cigar has a more robust flavor than the previous two variants.
  • Colorado: This wrapper is dark brown with reddish tones. This color used to be known as the English Market Selection.
  • Mature Colorado: For this color, mature leaves are used. They are dark brown, very similar to the Mature. Cigars of this color can have a robust and spicy flavor. If the brown color has a hint of redness, they are called Pink cigars.
  • Mature: The Colorado Maduro, Maduro, and Dark colors are the darkest and suggest a more robust flavor. However, strength is related to the aroma. Maduro’s layers are very dark brown because they were exposed to the sun for a long time. The flavor has specific pleasantness. They are otherwise called Spanish Market Selection. Hoyo de monterrey excalibur maduro provides a rare combination of two leaves of dark Connecticut broadleaf (one for the wrapper, one for the binder) around a bold filler blend combining Honduran, Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos. It’s a leathery, earthy cigar with plenty of sweet cocoa and coffee flavor. 
  • Dark: This layer is almost black. The dark one is known as the Connecticut Broadleaf. In terms of taste, they are the most intense of all dark-colored cigars.

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