3 Qualities to Consider When Buying a Grain Cart     


The United States, with its abundant natural resources and favorable land conditions, is the world’s leading agricultural producer and exporter. Agriculture has always contributed a significant amount to the nation’s GDP, totaling to $1.053 trillion. 

With an industry that plays a pivotal role in the country’s growth and the citizen’s welfare, every farm needs the best equipment that will enable them to reach their maximum production potential.

Every farmer aims for production efficiency, especially during harvest time. This critical process is only but a few steps away from reaping the fruits of their hard work. That is why it is vital to invest in the best equipment, such as a grain carts.

The use of this cart results in a 25% increase in harvest efficiency. It enables the combine to pick up the grains without stopping. Also known as an augur cart, it seamlessly brings crops from the combine to the truck at the end of the field.

A grain cart is made to withstand any soil and weather conditions with its large flotation tires. It can be pulled easily anywhere in the field, no matter how rough the soil surface is. 

If you’re looking into modernizing your production and harvesting system, you will reap significant gains from purchasing a grain cart.

The following are qualities that you need to consider before purchasing this essential farm equipment.

#1 Easy to Operate

A farmworker spends an average of 10 to 14 hours per day working on the field, so it is essential to use highly efficient equipment to ease their burden. It would be the best decision to invest in a grain cart that will allow you or any of your workers to control the cart as you see fit. Choose a model that has a control stick to manipulate the following parts:

  • Auger tilt
  • Flow gate
  • Tip sprout
  • The horizontal auger on and off switch

Being able to control the mentioned features while using the cart will provide exceptional comfort and convenience for the user. The operator can even adjust the height for optimum usability.

#2 Optimum Upload Speed

An ideal grain cart must have an upload speed that should not be lower than 750 bushels per minute. It must also possess a grain hauling capacity of 1500 bushels. The on-demand drive system, the hydraulic flow gate, and the horizontal and vertical 

 determines the upload speed. The horizontal disengagement provides a dynamic start-stop function for the grain flow. 

#3 High Performing Tracks

Grain carts come with two types of tracks that fit your needs. Each one has a particular function for every kind of terrain. 

  • Flotation Tires – These tires are perfect for muddy terrain since they create a full track that reduces compaction.
  • Row Crop Tires – These tires enable flotation without disrupting the corn or grain rows. They have a special kind of mounting system that allows a space of 30 to 40 degrees between tires. 

Also, choose a cart with rubber-tracked undercarriage to reduce soil compaction during harvest. High-quality oscillating wheels are also excellent qualities to watch out for since it will give you a smooth ride even on uneven terrain.

These qualities will guide you in choosing the best grain cart for your farm. By selecting the one that will provide peak performance, you’re ensured that you will get the return on your investment the soonest time possible.

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