5 Types of Stylish crop tops for Women for fall


Crop tops are one of the sexiest outfits to sport this summer, and you can find the trend to be as popular in this fall. You can change your style and choose crop tops which can be appropriate for the season. While buying crop tops for autumn, you should look for varied colors and textures, heavier fabrics and longer sleeves as some of the varied styles. You can team these tops with leggings, denim shorts, maxis or skirts to get the perfect, stylish look. Check out 5 types of stylish crop tops for women for fall.

  1. Striped crop tops

These have black and white stripes, and stand as a very stylish option. These are suitable for young women, although even those in their 40s with a good figure can try them. These come with longer sleeves, which makes them ideal as a fall wear. These can be sported with casual black skinny trousers or jeans. You may pair it with a stylish black skirt to go out on a fun night with friends.

  1. Chevron crop tops

These can be paired with:

  • Leggings
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Tops

Such outfits stand out due to their innovative striped design. These come with a scoop neck and sleeves that finish at the elbows. You will find these very comfortable to wear, and appear cute in them, inviting compliments all the way.

  1. Bell-sleeve crop tops

These are available in varied colors, such as blue or black, and are ideal as casual wear. You can team these up with flats and a pair of jeans to get a stylish, casual look. It is one of the best stylish crop tops for women for fall, or virtually any season for that matter.

  1. Faux leather crop tops

The addition of faux leather makes these tops really stylish and amazing. You can wear these during the fall, and in almost any season. The use of leather makes them slightly more expensive than the others.

  1. Off-shoulder crop tops

These sit off the shoulder, and can make you look very cute and young. You can find these available in varied colors, such as:

  • Gray
  • Black
  • Red

These can be teamed with boots or heels and a skater skirt made of leather to complete the look for fall. Such tops are not super-tight, and you can spend all day in them without any discomfort.

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