5 Water Conservation Tips That Can Save You Money


Going green and adhering to a sustainable lifestyle is becoming a valid concern in this heavily polluted world. More and more people are beginning to understand the importance of protecting the environment and the impact it can have on our wellbeing and the health of future generations.

Water conservation is a crucial part of any ecological sustainability endeavor and requires our full involvement. Not only does it help maintain an otherwise fragile, limited resource such as water but it also helps reduce our carbon footprint. Water treatment relies heavily on energy consumption, so less water usage implies less energy usage and therefore less CO2 released in the atmosphere. A sustainable approach to water usage also means reducing the chances of water shortages or drought, not to mention the reduction of utility bills. Be it for economic or ecological purposes, water conservation can only bring us benefits.

So how do we improve our home’s efficiency and adhere to green plumbing? Here are five tips you can use:


  1. Fix Leakages

One of the main causes of poor water usage is leakage. One simple way to check for any undetected water leakage is to run two water meter checks during an eight hours no water usage span. If the meter moves then that’s an indication that you have water leakages to fix.

Leakages can come from various sources. Damaged sewer lines, for instance, are a common cause so make sure to keep your lines watertight. You can’t turn green if you don’t have reliable piping.

Leaky toilets are also a major source of leakage as they can consume 40% or more of the total water usage. Leaky faucets, as innocent as they may seem, can lead up to more than eight gallons of leakage per day. Replacing faulty toilet flappers, fill valves, and faucets with fully functional ones will pay for themselves and help you keep your water usage to the minimum.


  1. Install Water Efficient Plumbing

Replacing faulty plumbing with a high-efficiency one can help you save both water and energy consumption. If you truly want to make a difference, make sure to purchase efficient plumbing products instead of traditional ones.

Choosing eco-friendly products for your plumbing fixtures can not only improve your lifestyle and save you money but also contribute to saving the planet. Products such as water efficient showers, lavatory or kitchen faucets or low-flow toilets can tackle some of the biggest sources of water waste in your home.

  1. Implement Water Re-usage Systems

Another way to reduce water consumption is to apply a few water re-usage strategies to help you make the most out of every drop of water. For example, you can put in place a rainwater collection system. That way you can redirect rainwater from your gutters into a tank instead of draining it. You can then filter the water and use it for a variety of tasks, such as cleaning, watering the garden or as to replace water from your plumbing system.

  1. Reduce Water Pressure

Anything above 60 pounds per square inch water pressure can seriously harm your plumbing system and overly inflate your water usage. Contact the local authorities to find out what your water pressure is. If it’s high, then you should install a pressure-reducing valve that can help reduce your home’s water pressure level.


  1. Maintain a Smart, Eco-friendly Usage of Cleaning Products

The chemical cleaning products you use on a daily basis can also have a severe impact on water conservation and green plumbing. For this purpose, you should consider switching to biodegradable soaps and detergents. Any usage of bleach or chemicals that actively harm the natural bacteria in your septic system should also be decreased as much as possible.

These are the main green plumbing strategies you can use to ensure a smart water usage and a lesser negative impact upon the environment. Sure, it requires a small investment, but the benefits, as you can see, are immense.



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