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5 Way to transform your Kitchen with Silestone kitchen worktops


The reasons why people pick Silestone for redecorating their kitchens are actually very easy to understand. When you see the Silestone worktops, your heart skips a beat! Silestone Quartz is superbly easy to fit with any style and décor due to its many various assortments of colour options. It comes with an anti-bacterial composition for added surface hygiene which is exclusive to Cosentino, who makes the product.

Silestone Quartz is seen in structures all around the world, because it contains an exceptional mixture of top quality genuine materials that are blended together using the advanced technology in the feat of interior decoration.

Silestone kitchen worktops are composed of approximately 94 percent natural quartz granules, pebble fragments and resins. Such strong composition offers extreme resistance against moisture stains and also gives rise to its non-absorbent nature. It is anti-bacterial as well, which makes it a popular choice at food preparation areas, like restaurants or homes or homecare and children’s facilities such as schools, hospitals and laboratories. Also, home owners love it due to its durability and strength. It is also highly resistant to scratching, chipping and cracking and it comes with an available 25 years manufacturers’ UK warranty upon product registration.

Here are 5 creative ways to transform your kitchen with the incredible Silestone kitchen worktops.

1. Add a splashback.

A splashback is an affordable way to give the kitchen a new and more sophisticated look. It adds a new flavour to your kitchen without affecting fixtures and fittings. Silestone Quartz sheets are ideal for a splashback behind a stove or sink. This stone isn’t damaged by hot water and neither does it chip nor leave a stain in case, you splash boiling water or spill hot soup. It can also be cleaned easily. Anything else you would like to know?

2. Choose a new worktop.

Silestone kitchen worktops can give your kitchen a breath of freshness and change the layout of the entire space and feel of this area. If you choose a bright colour quartz worktop or among neutral shades, there will be a good array colours to pick from when it comes to it. Silestone kitchen worktops are incredibly durable and practical, with so many colour options and such a vast range of hues and finishes available including polished, suede and volcano, it is quite easy to design a new kitchen that looks amazing with your existing cabinets and will look absolutely fabulous for at least the next few decades.

3. Installing a new island.

Kitchen islands and breakfast bars completely stand apart from the rest of work surfaces and if you ever want to change the layout of your kitchen without altering too many existing structures, then adding a breakfast bar or an island can be a great solution. Kitchen islands can transform the space into an area where friends and family gather whilst cooking your favourite dishes.

4. Add statement tiles.

Tiles do not necessarily need to cover the wall. They can be neatly installed in a busy area of your kitchen where it serves a dual purpose- protection and style. Some key areas to consider adding Silestone Quartz tiles would be behind a sink or stove, or near the floor.

5. Installing a stone floor.

Silestone Quartz stone flooring may seem like a little bit of stretch but it is a one definite way to remodel your kitchen for a very long time! Silestone tiles or slabs can be easily installed around existing fittings which will redefine the look and feel of your kitchen.

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