A Simple Guide To Using Your Favorite Emoji


People tend to use emojis in their contexts nowadays. Most of them use it on their messages, emails, or even on social media. You might see a lot of emojis today because they sometimes increase the precision of what is being said and might bring some life into a plain simple message.

Emojis can be used in a lot of ways. Most of these emojis are used in certain situations, such as to lighten up the mood, to soften a message, comfortably express ourselves, and to communicate in a way when we can’t use words. Today, we’re going to talk about a simple guide on how and where to use your favorite emoji, the purple heart.

The Purple Heart

The purple heart emoji, also known as the purple heart, is a variant of the red heart emoji. The emoji was introduced back in 2010, and it became a fully-qualified emoji to be part of Unicode 6.0. It is currently ranked 29 in the different social media platforms, and it is being used worldwide for the past 12 months. The purple heart’s codepoint is 1F49C.

This particular color variant of the heart emoji can symbolize an understanding and compassionate love of a certain person. If used in the right way, your message can bring a certain emotion, which gives an impact to those who will see your message. It can also be used on your tablets, smartphones, and computers.

When To Use The Purple Heart

The purple heart can be used in a lot of different situations. If you want to express a certain message on social media in a way that you want other people to also feel your message, you can add a purple emoji at the end of the message. If you wish just to express a vibrant message, you can also show it by using the purple heart. Here are some other ways to use it.


This may be one of the best situations where you could use the purple heart emoji. Expressing your love to a particular person using the purple heart can often show that you mean it. The person who reads your message might feel more comfortable, and they will truly feel that you love them just by reading your message. It also gives a stronger emotion.


This is also one of the ways that you could use the purple heart. People who often share their type of fashion on social media use purple heart emoji. Some people consider the purple heart as the most glam heart. Most of the words that are tagged along with the purple heart emoji are “shimmer” and “sparkle” to put an extra vibe on their post.

When Words Fail

Not knowing what to say to a particular situation can be bad. It will often show that you are not capable of saying anything to a situation that puts some pressure on you. In a situation where you are very happy, and you just don’t know what to say about it, you can use the purple heart emoji. When the other person sees it, they will immediately know the answer.

Variety of Heart Emojis

There are also different color variants when it comes to heart emojis. There is red, orange, yellow, green, and many more. These heart emojis can be used in different ways you prefer. Just make sure that you use them in the right way.


There you have it, the purple heart emoji. This emoji can be most useful in situations where you want to show your love to other people. The list may be short, but there are still different ways that you can make use of the emoji. So, start expressing your love now by using the purple heart emoji.

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