An iPhone Without a Screen Is Not an iPhone


In every major Apple conference, all the heads at the Cupertino company make sure everyone hears one thing: what you see here is what you get. That’s what partially made them famous. Apple devices, when in unison, work fabulously. But, when one thing breaks, it’s not just a headache to get them officially repaired; the experience isn’t just the same. And it’s more visible on the iPhone than on any other device.

Most people don’t realize that when they carry an iPhone, they have practically a computer in their pockets. Power made compact, that’s an iPhone. In another similarity with a computer, when one thing breaks, it’ll be challenging to use it. But, one broken part ruins the experience: the screen.

Performance in Pieces

There are so many things about the iPhone that revolve around the phone. One might even say that everything about the iPhone is about the screen. You can’t use the phone without it, after all. But, say that you didn’t actually brick your phone but only cracked the screen. All those things that convinced you to buy an iPhone? All of it is missing its other half, the screen.

It’s easy enough to repair a cracked phone screen. Some third-party repairers won’t have you send your phone and be away from it for an indefinite amount of time. That’s the one disadvantage of official service, one that will inconvenience you in more than one way during the lockdown. Other than that, risking giving to Apple will put you in a pinch, and you may have to buy another phone so that you can have one with you during the repair.

Your Screen is More Important Now Than Ever

The latest iOS 14 update gives users more flexibility in customizing their screen. Now, you can add widgets to your home screen so you can see all the things you need to see at a glance. Battery life, weather, stocks (if you’re into that), news, and so many more—these are all visible on your home screen now. You may already have customized your screen, and probably, liking what you see more than ever.

This update will only get more prominent as time passes, making your iPhone screen more critical. Having a screen protector is an excellent way to safeguard your screen. There are plenty that won’t get in the way of your scrolling action, and a few that are practically invisible. That is one way, another is to get a tough case. It will make your phone a bit bigger, but the added corner and drop protection are invaluable in a device as valuable as the iPhone.

It’s safe to say that Apple is planning on improving their home screen a lot more in the coming months. Apple TV is here, Newsstand, the premium service that will accompany Apple Watches, it all depends on what you see on your screen. So, other than protection, if you’ve already dinged your iPhone screen, bring it to your nearest technician, so he can have it looking brand new again.

Meta title: An iPhone with a Broken Screen Is Just Broken

Meta description: Apple takes pride in giving its customers the performance they brag about. But when an aspect breaks, the experience isn’t complete and becomes infuriating.

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