Area Monitoring: Nutshell and points to know


In General language, Aria monitoring is a solution within a linked network where the elements of both fixed gas detector and portable gas detectors come into one solution to use as gas detectors.

Area monitoring is often used as a solution to keep industrial workers safe. It is a temporary solution provided into an industrial facility. It is used as several platforms like far working locations, confined space entry like gas and oil platforms.

Although area monitoring is made to transport from one location to another, it can still not be used as a personal proactive instrument. The prime reason behind this is to provide safety to the group of the safeguard in the perimeters of industries.

Here is the list of top points to keep in mind about the detector:

  • Easy Setup: As we know that the gas detectors are portable, the main concern that comes into mind is the setup. The detectors should be easily mountable whenever it relocates. The detector should be easily carried, hung and mounted whenever needed.
  • Maintenance and Battery life: the main key to a device is its battery. The battery life of the device should be very long, runtime should not be countable in days or hours. Always check the battery life before going for any device. As well as another main concern is maintenance, so the device should have low maintenance so it can monitor for more time and spend less time and money on maintenance.
  • Technically Advance: the device should be technically advanced. The main purpose of this device is to help workers so the device’s sensitivity should be very high and response time should be very quick. Technological advancement is necessary for devices like this because of its purpose. The device should have a very long sensor life and good components. Notification from the device to replace should be done correctly. You can find all these features at SciWise area monitoring The technology of the device should be well tested as they can detect the presence of more than 2 gases easily for the sake of safety.
  • Robustness: gas detector device works in a very tough environment. So, they should be well tested and rated by IP rating. IP stands for ingress protection rating used for electronic devices to check the capacity of resistance of entering the water, dust, and other environmental elements that are harmful to the device’s performance. IP68 rank devices are trustable devices.


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