Hiring a Car Accident Attorney Early in the Claims Process Will Greatly Benefit You


If you have injuries because of an automobile accident, you must seek legal services to know what your options are. A car wreck can leave you with physical and emotional trauma. During this time, the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier will try to settle your claim quickly for as little as possible. You can protect your rights to monetary compensation by knowing when to work with a skilled idaho car accident attorney. 

When to Get a Legal Representative

After a car accident, you need to prioritize your safety. You should see a doctor immediately. Then, start contacting attorneys to choose the right one to work with. You will deal with medical bills, requests for statements, and documentation from the police right away. The insurance company may get make a quick offer and may ask you to sign a statement that favors their policyholder. It makes a lot of sense to work with a lawyer if:

  • You suffered an injury. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, you must contact an attorney to preserve your rights.
  • The other driver suffered injuries. Your attorney can protect your rights when the other driver is injured and file a claim against you. 
  • You suffered significant property damage. Even if you sustained minor injuries, your car may have suffered the greatest effects from the crash. Your attorney will make sure you get the compensation you can use to restore your car’s original look and function. 
  • You get a call from an insurance representative. Insurance adjusters can be quite intimidating and you can avoid them by hiring an attorney who will handle all communications with the adjuster.

Why an Attorney is Important for Your Accident

In a car accident that results in a personal injury, you may face expensive medical bills, vehicle damage, lost wages, and maybe pain and suffering. The cost of treating your injury can quickly add up, especially if suffered a serious injury.  Although you may have to deal with your injury for a long time, you have a deadline to address your claim with the insurance company. You only have a couple of years from when you got the injury to file a lawsuit with a court. If you don’t accept the insurance company’s lowball offer, it will try to delay your claim until you won’t be able to legally make a claim. This will happen when you fail to meet the filing deadline. 


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