How You Can Use Professional On Hold Services To Do More For Your Business


Many people are familiar with the traditional on hold elevator music. However, you can do a lot more for your business with modern on hold services. When people call into your business and find themselves on hold, it presents several possible opportunities you can take advantage of. You can help your callers make it through the hold, while also furthering your own business goals.

 Use Music to Further Your Brand

The most familiar on hold service is the utilization of music. This traditional way to help callers through a wait can do a lot more for a business than many suspect. It can help to promote your brand in many ways.

Music can represent your brand’s message, and help callers to learn more about your brand’s philosophy through your choice of music. In addition, it can help to motivate or stimulate callers while they wait, or do the opposite if you are accustomed to irate callers. For example, soothing music on a complaint line can go a long way.

 Use a Marketing Message to Upsell or Promote

Do you have a sale, promotion, or event going on you want your callers to know about? You can task your team with letting everybody know about it, but you can also use your hold time to do it as well.

Marketing messages can help you raise awareness about products or services you want to draw more attention to. This can work especially well for things your own customers or clients may not know you offer. You can even run full commercials during the hold time instead of or between your music selections.

 Use On Hold Time to Make an Announcement or Offer Information

You can leverage on hold times to make announcements that can educate callers about a current event or situation. Many telecommunication companies make use of such a feature to notify customers of ongoing outages or other things that affect service. You can also offer information during the hold, such as answers to frequently asked questions. You may just want to extend a greeting or a thank you.

 Use an On Hold Service Provider to Help You Figure Out Your On Hold Strategy

It may not seem like a large concern at first, but the more thought you put into your on hold strategy, the more you can leverage it to your advantage. It is true that just having adequate music playing for a caller can help. But, you should look to have your hold time do more for your business.

The only real way to do that is to work with a provider that does not just serve up generic solutions. You will need a group that will work with you to figure out which on hold services will work best for your specific business needs.

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