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Common Household Wire Products


Wire forming by Acme Wire allows you to create custom wire forming solutions for various services and projects including common household wire projects. Our wire forms can be utilized for everything from sporting goods to appliances to lawn equipment, and more. Acme Wire is experienced in designing and producing a variety of different shapes, designs, and sizes in order to meet and complete your project’s exact requirements. Their experience, combined with the latest technologies, allows Acme Wire to produce custom orders quickly and efficiently, made to fit customers’ exact specifications.


Wire Forming Technology

Acme Wire uses the most sophisticated wire forming technology to bend and create custom metal products of various shapes and sizes. Whatever size and shape you need, Acme Wire has the wire forming capabilities to give you exactly what you need. They use only the best materials to create high-quality stainless steel baskets and other wire forms.

A combination of materials are used to make our wire forms:

  • Air benders
  • Hand benders
  • CNC wire forming
  • Die forming
  • Press brakes

Acme Wire’s steel wire products are made from the highest quality materials and with minimal waste. Acme Wire is dedicated to providing the best experience for their customers through the most comprehensive wire forming solutions and the ability to meet all of their customers’ specifications. Everything from wire baskets to fan guards can are custom made by for household use. Their custom packages save customers time and money while order and material management cut back on lead time and client inventory.

Acme Wire is committed to delivering their customers exceptional, timely and affordable services. Their techniques and attention are used to create unique shapes and designs for precise wire bending. Allow the experts at Acme Wire to create a customized solution for your wire forming needs.

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