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Healthy Heart Habits for Seniors


Many golden agers believe that heart disease risks are foreseeable in old age. In reality, there are plenty of ways to keep your heart in great shape.

There are a number of reasons why heart disease has become more common as people get older. For starters, exercise becomes more difficult for people as they age. For example, older adults have less energy than they did when they were younger or they may get injured more easily. On the other hand, cooking fresh, heart-healthy foods may also become more difficult. Lifestyle factors like drinking, smoking, and chronic stress can also contribute to heart problems in older adults.

Coronary Heart disease is one of the most common health conditions faced by seniors. In fact, 80% of people age 65 or above die from heart disease. While heart disease risks increase with age, it doesn’t have to be a foreseeable part of getting older. Here are some healthy heart habits that every senior should follow.

#1 Get Moving on a Regular Basis

Unfortunately, our body will degrade as we age and there is no magical prescription for good health. But exercise comes pretty close, it is one of the best things elders can do to maintain a good overall health. There is no need to hit the gym and spend hours. Even moderate exercises like walking, aerobics, cardio, cycling, yoga, etc. can cut the risk of heart disease dramatically. Simple body movements will do the trick. to check out the recommended exercise regime for seniors.

There is no wrong way to exercise. The most crucial thing is simply to get moving, whether that means playing tennis with friends, taking a walk, or enjoying a bicycle ride. Elders who aren’t in the habit of daily exercise can start by picking an activity they enjoy. If you’re worried about how a medical issue like urinary incontinence may impact your ability to exercise, speak to your doctor. You can opt for low impact sports or invest in a pair of absorbent men’s sport underwear for extra protection to give you the confidence to get out there and enjoy your exercise.

A simple half-an-hour workout, five days a week will dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease in seniors.

#2 Shop Smart at the Grocery Store

Diet is crucial in heart health. Older adults can reduce their risk of developing heart disease by making educated choices at the grocery store. You can help your loved ones by purchasing and preparing nutritious foods. A healthy heart diet is fresh and minimally processed. For seniors, eating vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and whole grains will help them maintain their weight and heart health.

Packaged and processed food items are often full of Trans fats, refined flour, and sugar, all of which are bad news for the heart. Always shop fresh and organic and some processed foods might be convenient, but avoiding them would be a wise choice.

It is always important for seniors to check with their physicians before making any drastic changes to their diet. Moreover, it is also important to inquire about the foods that may interact with prescriptions and cause side effects.

#3 Quit Smoking

Smoking is extremely damaging to heart health no matter the age. It is never too late to quit smoking. So sooner the seniors can kick the habit, the better it would be for their heart health. It would never be easy as it is something that they are doing it for years. But this ingrained habit can be taken under control with the help of products like nicotine gums, patches, and attending support groups. Smoking just doesn’t affect your lungs, it does a lot of damage to your heart. So it is your choice.

#4 De-Stress and Deal with your Emotions

Certain personality traits like competitiveness, impatience, anger, hostility, anxiety, depression, and stress can actually put you at risk for heart disease. It is important to get rid of unnecessary stress in your life and work on controlling your emotions. This may mean availing the help of a mental health professional. Yoga or meditation may also help you channel your energy and keep you calm all the time. Moreover, a consistent sleeping schedule will work wonders for you if you tend to follow it.

#5 See a Doctor Regularly

It is crucial for the seniors to schedule regular checkups with their physicians as the risk of heart disease increase as we age. Scheduled visits to a doctor can help the seniors track their health can even catch any developing health condition like cholesterol, and high blood pressure, while it is still early to turn things around.

#6 Watch your Weight

Maintain a healthy as adding too many calories and pounds can add up to the increased risk of heart disease. Watch your weight every month, stick to a strict healthy diet, and maintain a bodyweight of your size.

Final Words

It is never too late to start a healthy living. Working with your doctor and caregiver can help you keep your heart health problems at bay. For seniors having difficulty in performing everyday tasks, it is recommended to avail the services of a caregiver.

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