How To Become A Environmentally Friendly Company?


Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” and it couldn’t be more accurate. The whole of humanity flourished in the lap of nature using the resources that were available abundantly. But the greed never stopped, and today our planet earth is on the verge of destruction.

Climate change is a global concern, and thankfully some steps are taken to save nature. Today individuals, groups, and organizations are actively working to sustain the environment. The most environmentally friendly companies worldwide are setting examples to the world by turning themselves into fully green companies. But can other companies do that? Well, here’s a small guide to take the initial steps of the journey of becoming a green company.

  1. Start with Recycling

Companies use many paper products such as printing paper, napkins, toilet papers, and packaging, which they can recycle. The company can also switch to recycled paper or post-consumer waste (PCW) products for its stationary needs.

  • Switch to Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Toxic and harsh chemical cleaners contain harmful substances that harm employees’ health as well as the environment. Once drained, they eventually get mixed in water resources and impact the water quality and the health of water creatures. Switching to environment-friendly cleaning products can help to stop this impact and contribute to a healthy planet.

  • Choose Energy-Efficient Lights

Companies use a lot of electricity for the lights. Incandescent lights consume a lot of energy, and they also do not last long. Choosing CFLs and LEDs over incandescent lights can help you reduce the amount of electricity used for lighting, and they even last 50x longer than traditional lights like incandescent bulbs.

  • Change the Source of Energy

Renewable energy sources like solar energy are abundantly available in nature. Solar energy has proven to be a great alternative energy source for millions of people around the world. It not only saves energy but helps in reducing the electricity cost of the business, which is an excellent benefit for any company. Hence companies should switch to solar energy as their source of energy.

  • Educate & Encourage the Staff

Let the learning come first before the execution. Create awareness about the company’s various activities’ impact on nature and how changing those activities or habits can help sustain the environment. Encourage eco-friendly practices in the staff and avail the resources to help them make the transition.

  • Celebrate Eco Days

Celebrating environmental days like Earth day, Wildlife day, Water Conservation day can create more awareness in the staff and encourage them to switch to eco-friendly products and habits. Eco days like these help get creative with eco-marketing and show support to various environmental causes.

  • Events & Team Activities to Create Awareness

Organize events like seminars, workshops, volunteering programs, and team-building activities like plogging, cleaning drives, tree plantation campaigns to build stronger teams while helping to sustain nature. Most environmentally friendly companies also do CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities to help to conserve the environment.

Being a green company helps achieve the environment-sustaining goals and helps the companies improve their productivity, reduce energy costs, and reach new business goals. These tips will help you to take the proper steps to become an environmentally friendly company.

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