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How to transfer heavy appliances



The transfer of heavy equipment is a serious task, not easy, for the possibility of being broken, such as television screens, causing great losses and also because of the difficulty of moving from its place, such as the US cup or the Arab Qa’ida that are connected pieces

These pieces need special handling due to their size and quality during the transfer of the lambs

In these lines, we will try to learn how to transfer these large pieces and how to deal with them during the process of moving furniture

How to NFL Plasma Screens

Plasma screens are of particular importance to each home because of their great physical value

And their ability to break if they move from one place to another because if you break it will be a very big loss

So we will try to learn how to transfer plasma screens very carefully without being damaged

In the beginning you have to disconnect the power from the screen and from the TV first before everything

Then disconnect the shower connector and then lift the screen from its holder and clean it well

After finishing the cleaning, the packaging role is wrapped and the screen is wrapped with fine paper

Or can be used packaging blanket made of fiber material or made of cotton, which is compressed

The screen is then placed and the TV set in the crates that are prepared for them and suitable for their size

In case of their purchased karatin, they are placed in it

It is necessary to write a screen or write a television on the carton until it is placed in a suitable place in the transport vehicle

During the process of moving the house, because if it is not placed in a suitable place for its size and fine ore can be damaged in the car

How to Transfer the American Canopus

In the beginning, before removing the cane from its place, it must be cleaned well of dust and dust

Then the small pieces such as the headrests are removed so that the weight of the cane is relaxed during the transfer process

Then comes the packaging stage, which is used as tabloid and put the adhesive tape on it

So that they are protected from dirt or exposed to stains from their presence in the furniture transport car

To be removed, the pieces must be measured and compared by measuring the door so that we know if they can be removed

Or we will need to take it out by the balcony or to remove the door to remove it

And then are shipped in the transport vehicle by placing them in a suitable place where there is no risk

In addition, the company transfer the house using a lot of tools that facilitate the transfer of heavy equipment such as

Trolley, Winches and Belts to carry large pieces

Transfer of the refrigerator

The transfer of the refrigerator is not an easy process and a major challenge during the process of moving furniture because of the size and difficulty of moving

It is necessary when transporting the refrigerator to be transported and is parked and not transferred and is sleeping on its side so as not to cause any damage

Due to the entry of its own oil into the pipes of the refrigeration

It is necessary to clean the refrigerator well from the outside and must be emptied of all foods from the inside

So as not to be exposed to corruption during the transport process which is likely to be long if you will be storing the refrigerator

You should put the refrigerator above the base of wood will be the storage of furniture and this will protect the refrigerator from the impact of moisture on them

It is best to put the refrigerator in the furniture transport cars to be in front of the car and not in the back to keep it from vibration during transport

How to Disassemble Wood Furniture Before Moving a Laminate

Before moving the wooden furniture, it is necessary to take the important step of removing wooden furniture into pieces and parts

This step saves a lot of time and effort during the transfer of the loaf because it helps to facilitate the process of removing the loaf from the doors

Which is difficult to remove the large pieces of them, and without this method do not need to take these pieces to a great effort and perhaps to remove the doors

Which will be narrow and we will try in these lines to know how to do the process of jaw cutting wood

How to Remove Bedroom Furniture During Moving Furniture

The bedroom contains a lot of wooden pieces that have to be dismantled so that it can be removed

And move them like removing the cupboard for clothes and decomposing the bed and to do the job you have to come

The clothes must be taken out first and all the clothes in the cupboard must be removed until they are disassembled. These clothes are put in the bags so that they are not damaged.

Blankets, quilts and bedspreads are placed in special bags and then placed in boxes

In order to protect them from any damage, which are expensive and can not be imagined to be exposed to any leaks of water or liquids that cause any damage

The mattress is then wrapped using plastic for furniture transfers

At the beginning of the jaw process, small pieces, such as the dirges, are started. These pieces must be placed with numbers so that they can be returned to their place again

When the inspection and the process of moving the furniture of the house to the new place and then be wrapped and this is used with mirrors and also with shelves

After the completion of the small units during the transfer process, large units such as the bed are dealt with as the pins that connect the bed parts are removed

With each other such as the front and rear bed sheets and the rest of the four parts of the bed

These nails must be kept in a bag of their own and with other parts of the tie

To be used when needed to re-install the bed again and after the end of the jaw is the packaging of pieces

Which has been decoupled by the wrapping paper, which is not a writing paper or pictures

So as not to be printed in the pieces of furniture and can be used blankets for packing furniture

For a wheelchair it may need more effort than no bed It contains many pieces

As it is in the standing position and this needs to focus so as not to fall any pieces and the decomposition of the wheel of the wheel in the beginning

And then the ceiling of the wheel is removed and then the rest of the wheel and it is necessary to put numbers on the lap so as not to change and this also applies to the rest of the pieces must be numbers on them

Living room furniture

It is not necessary to dismantle all pieces because this will be difficult or impossible because there are pieces can not be dismantled, but we will recognize the pieces can be dismantled

the library

First, in the process of transferring the library to empty it of the books in it and then after the jaw operation where start to take out the shelves and take out the Druj

The doors of the glass library are then removed very carefully and after the jaw is finished, all the pieces are carefully wrapped

Using blankets for packing furniture and for doors to be placed in a car transport furniture

Unpack and pack the coffee table

Before the transfer of the table, the table surface is raised, especially if it is glass or marble, and packaging and packaging the rest of the table and transfer, taking care of the glass plate breakage

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