Many people are not aware of the fact that cats are great companions for many different reasons. Even by simply watching cat videos online, you will get a boost of energy, according to the latest research. However, if you intend to be a cat owner you need to have a good vet at your door as well. This is why you might want to check out Gordon Vet Hospital and what they offer.

  1. Cats are better for the environment

For those who are worried about their carbon footprint, did you know that owning a cat is better than owning a dog? Well, in a 2009 study, it was proven that a dog needs to be fed as much in his life as to create the same eco-footprint of a Land Cruiser. While on the other hand, feeding cats have shown to have a much better carbon footprint.

Cats can be quite social

  1. Good therapists

Just like there are dog therapists, there are also cats who can help you with all kinds of physical and emotional pain. They are great for those who have lost a loved one, and they have shown to help people who have injuries, such as broken bones, muscle, tissue and so on. Talking to your cat about your feelings is nothing unnatural, so do not worry.

  1. Cat owners are smart

This does not mean that we are dissing dog owners, or calling them stupid. However, there was a survey in 2010, where cat owners in England have shown that they are more likely to get a college degree. In 2014, there was another study, where 600 college students had a survey, and it was proven that cat owners were more intelligent.

  1. Healthier heart

Just like dogs, cats have also proven to help people with their heart issues. Cats, in particular, are able to lower your stress, probably because they do not need as much as dogs do, and they will also lower the anxiety you have. Cat owners are actually 30% less likely to have a heart attack, so make sure you take good care of your cat and visit a cat vet clinic near you like Gordon Vet Hospital.

  1. Sleep is important

There were a number of studies and polls that have proven that people (mostly women) sleep much better with their furry pet than they do with their partner. After this, there was a study that declared that about 40% of people who were a part of that study showed that they sleep much better because of their pet, while less than 20% said that it led to disturbance.

Just like dogs, cats care about their owners

  1. Cats help with allergies

While many parents believe that children should not grow up in households that have a pet, that is quite foolish. Pets have shown to have a positive effect on the kids they grow up with, as they will straighten their immune system. This does not only apply to cats and dogs, but to other pets as well, such as birds, rodents, and other.

Final word

It does not matter if you are a cat or a dog person because both of them provide special benefits to their owners. However, households with a pet have proven to be much happier than the ones that do not own a pet, be it a dog or a cat. If you do decide to get a pet, keep in mind that it is not something so simple, as you should treat them as a family member as well.