Know More about Most Popular Anabolic Androgenic Steroids Names


Anabolic androgenic steroids are mainly consumed to develop body muscles and boost the strength level of the body. The prominent users of steroids are body builders, weight lifters, athletes, fitness seekers and people who need to gain body weight.

There are numerous such steroids manufactured by well known pharmaceutical manufacturing company for enhancing the health of people. Some of them have been prohibited for sale as its misuse will result in the consumer falling prey to acute ailments.

Most of the potent steroids are available in certain countries only if you have prescription. However, few common ones are available everywhere without any restrictions as they are mild dosage having negligible chances of spoiling its consumer’s general health.

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Steroid Medicinal Uses:

  • Helps to gain weight.
  • Aids in curing any diseases related to respiratory system.
  • Act as best aid to treat inflammatory health issues like myositis and systemic vasculitis.
  • Assists in formation of red blood cells.
  • Boosts up body immune system.
  • Even helps in treating varied kind of ailments like joint pain, arthritis symptoms, lupus and many more ailments related to body bones.
  • Patients suffering from kidney non-functioning health issues are highly benefited after consuming the prescribed steroid dosages.
  • Builds up body strength and enhance endurance level of the body.
  • Some mild steroids are great pain relievers.

Steroids are available in multiple forms. Among them the most favored kinds are oral tablets and liquid solution to be injected. The later form is quite powerful, thus not favored by women and novice users of steroids. If not administered properly, it may result in enduring health issues.

Steroids are generally divided in two classes. One kind is mainly used to gain muscle mass and the other for losing weight. Steroids to developing muscle tissues are mainly used in first phase of steroid cycle where as the fat reducing steroids are used in cutting cycles to shed surplus weight and to retain the gained strength.

Steroid dosage must be used wisely as prescribed by your medical advisors or has listed in the steroid stack. To gain more information about list of anabolic steroid medicines, it will be helpful to visit websites that sell quality steroids that benefit its users. The testimonials and the comments of steroid seasonal users will help novice users to understand pros and cons of each steroid and to adopt proper ways to consume the dosage of the required anabolic androgenic steroid.

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