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Pharmacists Can Effect Your Life Drastically



Online pharmacy has turned the tide for recovery from ailments the world over. As per the WHO, there has been a reduction in downtime of patients as much as 30% post introduction of online pharmacy websites. But the WHO has also cautioned governments to introduce strict regulations to ensure that the safety of end users is not hampered in any way. Today, it is easy to set up a store on the internet. Consequently, features such as genuineness of sourcing of medicines, safety precautions involved in the storage of medicines get sidestepped.

Safe medical shopping in Canada:

The government of Canada has placed a lot of safeguards to ensure that Canadian pharmacy online sites sell genuine products to their clients. Formed in 2002, closely on the heels of the Food and Drug Administration Agency in the USA, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association or CIPA has been monitoring online prescription medication disbursement for the last 17 years now. Every website needs to be registered with this agency in order to operate on Canadian soil.

Canada Pharmacy Online

Today, it is easy to determine for you if your online pharmacy store is genuine or fake. A fake website:

  • Will be ambiguous about its registered office address and provide a fake telephone number
  • Will be ready to deliver your medicines without asking for a valid medical prescription
  • Will not set a limit on the number of drugs that you can purchase at a given time
  • Will keep mailing you insanely cheap offers on medicines at throwaway prices
  • The website will not feature a lock icon or https//: where the ‘s’ stands for secure
  • Will give a fallacious or unclear refund, privacy, shipping policy on its website
  • Will probably share the rates of the medicines in USD instead of Canadian dollars
  • Would make use of fake or manufactured reviews to promote their website with no real accreditations under its belt


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