Portable Fridge: Modern Society’s Best Friend


The world has transformed so much in the few millennia. Technology has become so state-of-the-art, one relies on it every minute. Yet, most are often in the dark about a specific device that could instantly upgrade the quality of their lives. 

A portable fridge is the modern man’s new best friend. It is rather chilling that people forget such a piece of equipment exists. One does not have to go camping in the wilderness to understand how it does its job without being told to. 

It is normal to have doubts about this concept. The world of portable coolers exists much like human society. It has hierarchies and a wide range of functions.


So, there are times when a person cannot put all their food into a refrigerator. In situations pertaining to junk food and beverage, many find it wise to own a mini-fridge. This helps when one has plans of camping, travelling, barbeque parties, or even moving apartments. A college student knows they landed themselves a diamond mine if they come across one of these freaks. They have crowned the kings of convenience for a reason. They make lives easier—only minimal maintenance and not a lot of noise.


There are three types of portable fridge: Thermoelectric, absorption and compressors.


For those on the run or who love camping, the absorption refrigerators are the best companion. They need gas but can also manage with AC or DC. Their cooling ability is not dependent on temperature. Hence it can go a few 20-30 degrees lower than the temperature it is in. They are ideal for a life on the wheels. RV or vans can support an absorption fridge since it runs on power. Always place it on a flat surface for optimal function.


It’s the best type of portable fridge since it has the best cooling capacity. It can function on any surface, even if it is barely a road anymore. They do consume a good load of power but not as much as an absorption fridge. There is an option to change temperature, but it will vary depending on the climate outside.


Cheaper and warmer than the types mentioned above, thermoelectric is for shorter durations. They are smaller in size and drink up a lot of power. The conductors in the engine alternate between hot and cold as electricity surge through. This keeps the food cold and releases heat to the surroundings.


  • Do not try to cram everything into this equipment. It is also called a mini-fridge for a reason.
  • Do not keep the fridge in the vehicle for long. The battery will drain, causing a chain reaction of the fridge and car running out of power. The food will rot, leaving a mess.
  • Clean it out once a week. Be careful with foods past the expiry date. The stink will have one thrown out of the apartment.
  • If left unused for long periods of time, defrost the fridge and clean out the racks.

There is a lot of science that goes into the functionality of these refrigerators. So one has to do their research of understanding what type of portable fridge works best for their situation. 

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