The Five Kinds Of Sunglasses You Must Have


Sunglasses do not function as a protective tool anymore. These are an extension of your personality and style. The market is bombarded with Sunglasses for men, so it can quite difficult to choose one pair that works for every occasion. Factors such as the shape of your face, your daily outfit choice and the budget also matter when shopping for sunglasses. Here is our list of five pairs of sunglasses that each guy should own!

1.The Aviators

Men’s fashion has advanced over the years but if there is one thing that has stayed consistent, it is the popularity of this sunglass style. With big frames and a thing wire frame, these glasses are perfect if you prefer a rugged look. If you want something different from your run of the mill metal frame, you can go for the plastic frame aviators as well.

  1. The Wayfarers

Nothing compares to the wayfarers. Another popular style in sunglasses for men, the wayfarer goes with just about any outfit. The square shape covers your eyes properly and hence offers enough protections. You can pick the usual black plastic frame if you want to wear it regularly. For those who like a little bit of eccentricity, the wooden frame or clear plastic frame will do the trick.

  1. The Club Master

Also known as the brow line frames, the club master is a favorite among those who love the hipster look. The top of the frame is thick plastic with a metal bridge. Ditch the black plastic frame for a more stylish tortoiseshell frame. These glasses can make you look chic and stylish within minutes of putting it on.

  1. The Round Glasses

The round glasses are slowly becoming a constant in men’s fashion, especially for those that love the vintage look. The lenses are completely round and you can pick the type of frame that suits your face. Options for frames include opting for a simple wire frame, a simple plastic frame or a more designer frame with different prints.

  1. The Mirrored Glasses

When you think of trying something eccentric, the mirrored lens glasses should on top of your list. These lenses are shiny and reflect different colors are different angles. Available in different shapes and styles, these lenses are very in with the current fashion crowd. So if you think you are someone who keeps up with the latest fashion trends, you know what to buy next.


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