4 Benefits of Using the Right Packaging Tape


Wondering why you should bother using the right packaging tape? The four benefits below will help you to see why using the right packaging tape is so important. Be prepared to invest now so you can save later.

Ensure the Safety of Fragile Items

When you’re sending fragile items in the post or even via courier, it’s especially important to ensure that the containers these items are sent in are secure. That can only be done with packaging tape. Use packaging tape in an H formation to cover the edges and folds of boxes, keeping your products safely contained inside. Packaging tape can also be used on satchels to firmly stick down the opening, ensuring nothing will slip out of the package. It’s also important to pack your items in their box or satchel so that there’s not too much loose room. You can use cardboard or foam inserts, foam peanuts or bubble wrap to ensure there’s a firm fit between your product and the outer layer of packaging. The packaging tape will do the rest of the work for you, provided that it’s applied properly.

Stop Items from Escaping Boxes

One of the most common problems when items are sent to customers by businesses is boxes collapsing under the weight of an item. Sometimes the product may even become broken because it has slid out of a box during transit. This can lead to many problems, but these problems can be avoided. Firstly, you should always use a box appropriate to the weight of the item you’re sending, and secondly, you must use packaging tape to reinforce the strength of the box at its weakest points. This includes sticking down the areas where the box folds and has flaps.

Lower the Number of Customer Complaints

When items in transit get broken or lost due to a malfunction of the packaging it’s been put into, this can lead to customer complaints. As a business owner, you want to lower the number of customer complaints you receive as much as possible, as they can take valuable time and energy to deal with. This is time you could instead be spending doing something income producing in your business, such as making sales or doing marketing. An important aspect of lowering your number of customer complaints is to use packaging supplies correctly and efficiently, including using packaging tape to firmly secure your packaging.

Ensure the Good Reputation of Your Business

Rather than try to patch things up once something has gone wrong in your business, it’s much better to try to avoid things going wrong in the first place. An important way that you can do this is to use packaging supplies in the appropriate way so that your products arrive at your customer’s door intact and with an immaculate appearance. This is how you generate good word of mouth, and this is also how you ensure that your business reputation remains positive. All of these small details really do count for so much.

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