Know the hidden facts about Blockchain Technology 


Concept of Blockchain in crypto currency is often regarded as a world-changing technology and it is somehow true in many ways. However, these are not all cure solutions to our current global economic scenarios, though people are not well aware of these facts. Here we will discuss a few issues about Blockchain interesting facts that are generally kept secret from the public. 

The Failure Rate Is Significant

If we look at the recent past when 902 crypto currencies ICO were formed in 2017, the record shows that 142 failed to survive the market before they could even raise any funds. Out of 902, 276 crypto currencies did raise some funds, but had to discontinue the business after fundraising.

Semi-Failed Category

As far as blockchain interesting facts reveal, nearly 113 ICO’s falls under the semi-failed category. This may happen as those start-ups stopped communicating on social media. Besides these crypt I currencies, some other crypto currencies also experienced huge downfall in the community where the success probability was almost non-existent. The failure rate is around 59 percent whereas the total failure rate is as high as 46 percent. Though ICOs have been able to raise around $104 million, the failure rates for crypto currency ICO’s still remain very high.

The Profit is Also Less

As per market data just around 50 out of a total of 902 ICO’s could make 5 times return or more in 2017. This is further supported by the fact that only 800 out of 1600 tokens or coins were specified as dead coins. Chances are high that the rest 70% of new ICOs during 2017 have also undergone the same consequence. While this is what is actually happening in the background we will continue to see topics, reviews, discussions alongside other information in order to mislead the investors and try to sell off dead coins as lucrative investment options.

Crypto currencies are not Shares- Buying During the Bull Run Is a Great Mistake 

Investors who are new in this crypto currency market often buy during the peak of a bull run. Hence they end up buying it at very high rates. The market often crashes causing a wipe out of almost 70% of all money. Newbie’s therefore fails to identify the best time when crypto currencies have to be bought. The general rule to make profit is buying low and selling high. Since newbie’s don’t have the insight and precision to understand the market dynamics they can easily fall for media propaganda. They often end up buying coins during the bull-run causing their loss to be a huge gain for experienced players and also for some well entrenched sharks.


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