Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is The President of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. and the main religious leader of Christ Embassy. His mission is spreading the world of the Lord to millions around the world. Making trips to various distant locales and speaking in front of large crowds about his faith. He has a global ministry which congregates many around the world. He is pastor, teacher, minister, faith healer, television host, and bestselling author.

Pastor Chris ventured out to Zimbabwe for The Worship and Communion Miracle Service. A good one hundred thousand followers were said to have registered to attend this occasion. Many more are believed to turn up as well and admittance is free of charge. Some even arrived at the stadium to get their spot even before the esteemed minister arrived. This is his first visit to the African land of Zimbabwe. He spoke on local television about how felt this was a special nation and felt God would be everywhere. In this interview, the famed pastor mentioned he would disclose special news about Zimbabwe during the service. Preparations for Chris Oyakhilome and his church service were almost complete the night before. A fellow Christ Embassy pastor even claimed the venue was ready for seven overflows.

A local church in Zimbabwe held prayer rallies in the entire week in hopes his sermon would be a huge success. The venue where it will be held sits around sixty thousand people. Their pastor Ruth Musarurwa is one who urges the congregation attending this event will leave it in better shape than any other venues that may have hosted The Worship and Communion Miracle Service in the recent past. The brand in Zimbabwe is second international branch after this organization after one was developed in The United Kingdom. Two associates of Pastor Chris, Reverend Tom Amenkiehnan and fellow evangelist Eddy Owase flew there two weeks ago to check on its development. The feeling amongst these pastors and their congregation is that God is bringing his blessings onto The United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, and they are going to pray for this latter nation after the service. Feeling The Divine One comes with the power of The Holy Spirit and The Lord’s blessings will affect the nation. And that it people should be expectant and be willing to receive his spiritual love. Amenkiehnan also feels Zimbabwe is more than ready to embrace God and his beloved teachings.

He also relayed that Zimbabwe would continue to the recipient of testimonies from he, Oswase, and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in the years to come. Eddy Owase is the founding member of Christ Embassy, a faithful Bible focused ministry based in Nigeria. During the last three decades, these ministries have expanded all over the world. Chris Oyakhilome and his fellow Pastors have given their blood, sweat, and tears to spread the word and mission of God into third world countries. And this quest is only getting started, those like him feel The Lord’s work is never at rest. There are those who need his teachings now more than ever. Missionary work and sermons in African countries such as Zimbabwe are only the first step to a great outreach program in preaching The Gospel to those in underdeveloped nations. Men of cloth such as he make this their life’s work above all else.