Peter Loftin And The Generous Works The Man Did


The success of Peter Loftin as a professional entrepreneur let him spend enough time contributing to different charitable actions. He mainly developed his wealth by establishing Business Telecom Inc- the telecommunication company.

After buying the previous home of Versace-the Italian fashion designer in 2000 and therefore converting it into a restaurant for the polite society, Loftin donated the space of that restaurant to different types of charitable events organized by the Scoliosis Research Society, the Alonzo Mourning Foundation the Miami International Film Festival and some others. All these contributions were credited by the city of Miami Beach in the year 2006 with the certificate of appreciation.

The life of Loftin and his charitable works:

Originated from North Carolina, the parents of Loftin included a strict yet loving father and a loving school-teacher mother. From the early childhood, Peter Loftin dreamed to become a successful entrepreneur of all the time.

After completing his first semester at the North Carolina State University, he took the very first step towards accomplishing his dreams and he began to sell cordless phones by visiting door to door. Therefore, he established BTI or the Business Telecom Inc and therefore became the Chairman of the Board in BTI.

Details of the charity work of Loftin:

The charitable work of Peter Loftin started with a volunteer work offering winter coats to the American kids. This program was known as the “Coats For Kids Foundation”. The priority of getting these much-required gifts during the harsh cold winter season was the kids, who had some abusive parents, dark past and some other psychological issues. This way, this program was beneficial for thousands of kids.

Loftin was also the person who supported the Special Operations Fund- the charitable fundraising organization that offered necessary financial support to the kids and families of Tier 1 Classified soldiers, who were killed in the action.

Apart from that, Peter was considered as one of the most loyal and the greatest supporter of arts. Like as a true supporter of art, he contributed a lot to the Raleigh City of North Carolina where he built up the wonderful BTI Center for the Performing Arts. In 1999, he spent around $3.1 million on this Performing Arts Center.

Peter was also the member of the National Board of Governors of the American Red Cross Society by making a donation to the society as well as to the total world. In fact, Peter was persistent in getting a change in everything around him and therefore became successful in getting positivity in the lives with the inspirational works.

Wrapping up

Loftin also had his support for the North Carolina Museum of Science and the Miami Beach Police Athletic League. Founded in 1958, the Miami Beach Police Athletic League is considered to be one of the oldest Police Athletic Leagues based in Florida. Every year, this league included numerous young eligible people to make them well informed about different types of criminal acts and their preventive measures. Peter Loftin was the Board of Directors of that league.

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