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Planning to buy a new crib for your Baby? Some points to pay attention on


Crib is the centerpiece of nursery of your baby and also a cozy space where your baby will end and start a new day. That’s why it becomes much important to buy a perfect crib for baby. But, with so many options available in market most parents get confused well to overcome this issue you can follow some tips.

Tips to keep in mind –

Type of crib – Undoubtedly cribs come in variety of options and designs so you should always choose one that match with your baby room or nursery. Here are some main types of cribs which you can prefer –

    • Convertible cribs – This is one of the best options to go with as it grows with your growing baby. It can expand into toddler bed which means you can money and time as well. Convertible cribs are not only versatile but long lasting as well because they last for number of years.

  • Portable cribs – These types of cribs have an ultra light structure, design and lockable wheels. They are small in size and most importantly you can carry it anywhere.

  • Fixed cribs – Standard crib or fixed crib is worth investing in as it is fixed piece of furniture. Fixed cribs range from small and simple to large and elegant and some even with extra features and hand painted design.

Crib size – Size is key factor to be considered more while buying first crib for your baby. For this you can keep a handy measuring tape in your bag while shopping. Some cribs are beautiful and big and can be centerpiece for any space, while other cribs pull off leaner footprint and are small in size. Always consider such crib that work best for nursery. If you are living in an apartment then a mini crib can help you in saving space or can also go in changeable or table built in crib. Along with this, you can choose portable crib as they folds up easily and lightweight as well.

Green guard certified crib – Green guard certified crib mean it meets with world’s most comprehensive and rigorous standards for emissions of low volatile organic compounds in indoor air. So, you should always look for green guard certified logo as we all want to have best for our babies. You can look for non toxic finishes, paints, sustainable woods, organic fabric and much more. In fact, there are many options available under budget.

Crib color – Market is full with so many colorful cribs available in different designs, shapes and sizes. But, nowadays white and grey cribs are more in trend as they look classy, stylish and elegant as well. In fact, white color is something that will definitely match with house décor. Many people buy crib as per their nursery décor and this can be quite overwhelming.

Extra features – These days, cribs are coming with plenty of features so bedtime has become easier for babies and parents. Among so many features, some latest feature include teething rail, this is a special rail which gives a teething toys to babies and this helps in protecting crib rails as well as their gum. Many of the cribs even have small drawers underneath that mean parents can keep supplies of babies near them. Along with this, adjustable mattress height is another great feature that can save you from bending down to pick your baby and this mattress can also be lowered as your child starts growing.

Buy new crib – This is most vital thing that you must take into consideration while buying bedside crib for your baby. Avoid buying used crib as old models may not meet with current standards of safety. By law, the date of production of crib should be displayed on shipping carton and on crib as well. But, still you should look for safety features. In fact, at the time of buying new crib bring ruler with you so that you can check space between slats. If they are 2 3/8 inches or greater then they are wide. While if you are buying online crib then measure openings as soon as it arrives at your house.

Safety features – There are number of safety features that you should keep in mind. You should never buy a crib with drop sides as it has moveable railings and even pose high risk. A baby can get strangled and entrapped or suffocate in space between crib mattress and drop side. Along with this, you should also see for crib bumpers which are cushioned padding and attaches to inner side of railing of crib. This sometimes even includes crib bedding sets, but according to many organizations it is hazardous for babies.

Buying a crib for your baby is not so easy and if you are buying for first time then need to be extra careful and attentive. To solve this problem, mentioned above are some helpful tips which you can take into consideration.

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