Support your Bone Health with Deer Antler


Both athletes and bodybuilders agree that this supplement has high potential to stimulate the growth hormone. But before you start using the product, it is very important that you clearly understand what the exactly it is and how can it help you in achieving your aim. One of the basic reasons by deer antler velvet has gained huge popularity is, because most of its ingredients are common with that of the human body.

Some information about the product

For over 2,000 years in China deer antler velvet was used for medical treatment of joint inflammation, hypertension, for improving bone regeneration, infertility etc. The antler velvet is harvested from the antlers of caribou, deer, elk and moose. To gather the antler extract, the velvet skin covering the antlers of the animal should be clipped by a veterinarian without harming the animal. This ingredient can be also collected from recently broken antlers or from antlers of animal which have recently died. The extract collected is frozen immediately. These deer antlers contain zinc, amino acids, calcium, IGF-1, magnesium and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. The product not only helps athletes to increase the strength of the muscle but also to improve the recovery time after exercise. Nowadays, in many of the countries, it has been seen that deer is raised not only for meat but mostly for the supply of deer antler velvet.

Best supplement for bodybuilders

Medical experts have confirmed that the ingredient deer antler velvet contains certain natural elements that support the manufacturing of new muscles and also boosts the stamina of bodybuilders. This reason has made the supplement highly popular. Here is a list of few of the most accepted deer antler supplements:

  • Genf20 Plus – This is one of the most effective supplements available in market today that contains the pure extract of deer antler velvet. This product is made of a whole lot of ingredients which boosts the power of deer antler velvet. It basically helps in increasing the muscle strength and reconstruction.
  • AntlerX – This is available in the form of spray. It helps to increase the amino acid metabolism, enhance the HGH and IGF_1 production and also increase the amount of hemoglobin in the red blood cells. Users are extremely satisfied with its ability to increase the muscle development.
  • Deer Antler Velvet Extract Pro – This product promises you to give excellent workout results. It has a capability to add strength to your body effectively. This supplement contains deer velvet extract in high concentration of about 750mg in each serving.

How does it benefit you

There are a whole lot of benefit this compound has in offer for you. According to the reviews deer antler velvet helps you in improving bone regeneration, recovering muscle injury, retaining kidney health, building muscles, burning fat, improving blood, boosting the immunity system etc.

You can easily acquire these products online from any of the reliable websites. But it is always recommended that you have a look at the product reviews first. So, try out any of these supplements that contain deer antler velvet and reap all the benefits today.


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