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A Guide to Maintaining Natural Stone Pavers



Like any other type of pavement material, natural stone pavers will age and potentially lose their aesthetic appeal if they’re not well-maintained. The look of pavers can deteriorate due to regular foot traffic as well as constant exposure to dirt, debris and the elements. Fortunately, this can be resolved by thoroughly cleaning and sealing your pavers. This article will detail some simple techniques that should be followed to maintain the look and condition of your pavers and protect them against everyday wear and tear.

  1. Remove Weeds

If weeds start to grow between the pavers on your property, it’s important to remove them promptly. You can easily pull weeds out of the ground by hand or use weeding tools or herbicide products specifically designed for use around pavers. Although it may seem tedious, removing weeds is worth the effort, as they not only diminish the appearance of pavers, but can cause damage and weaken their integrity.

  1. Sweep the Pavers

Regularly sweeping natural stone pavers is one of the best ways to keep them looking clean and well-maintained. You can use a broom to remove any dirt, dust, soil, leaves or other debris that’s accumulated on the surface of the pavers, causing them to become stained and unsightly. Sweeping helps to keep pavers looking great while also minimising wear and tear over time.

  1. Rinse the Pavers

After sweeping, natural stone pavers should be rinsed off with a garden hose. This ensures that any dirt or debris that has stuck to the pavers is removed instead of being moved to another area. However, pavers with uneven surfaces are more likely to collect standing water and are susceptible to growing mould or moss. In such cases, you should use a power washer to remove any growth and keep the surface of your pavers clean. 

  1. Use a Cleaning Solution

In addition to rinsing and sweeping, you should wash your pavers with a cleaning solution regularly. An effective method is using a combination of soap and water that’s poured onto the surface of the pavers and scrubbed with a brush with tough bristles. Alternatively, gentle cleaning products such as stain removers, pre-sealers and polishing creams can be used. It’s important to read the label of any cleaning products before using to ensure they’re safe for natural stone pavers.

  1. Seal the Surface

Sealing natural stone pavers is an important step in maintaining their overall appearance and durability, especially for those that are situated in high-traffic areas such as patios and driveways. Sealing creates a protective barrier that prevents dirt and debris from penetrating the surface and staining the stones, making it much easier to clean and maintain them in the long run. Sealing also adds a nice sheen, enhancing the natural beauty of your pavers and making them stand out even more. Apart from the aesthetic benefits, sealing natural stone pavers can also help to keep them in their designated spot. Without proper sealing, pavers can shift and move over time due to the forces of nature or foot traffic, which can lead to an uneven and unsafe surface. 


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