One of the emerging fads in weight loss control that has been sweeping the fitness world is hCG. Human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG is a hormone derivative produced in the placenta of pregnant women.

The vital pregnancy hormone supports female egg development. It stimulates the egg’s release during ovulation. HCG is also critical in normalizing fertility in women, and it is also used to increase sperm count among men. The hormone is a homeopathic treatment that is effective in addressing weight problems.

HCG diet drops are popular among men and women who would like to stave off a few of their excess pounds. The formula is used as a sublingual supplement to suppress appetite and effective shed weight.

Reset Your Metabolism with Diet Drops

Shedding those extra pounds is hard for most people, given that their appetite hinders their gains. When combined with a low-calorie diet, hCG boosts your metabolism so you can lose fat without starving.

Multiple studies indicate that the homeopathic weight loss control formula maximizes fat metabolism by burning stored fat in the body. HCG promotes weight loss by increasing the production of hunger hormones and slowing your body’s energy consumption.

Restricting calorie intake gradually reduces your reserve and creates the desired effect of making your body lose weight. HCG intake is divided into three critical phases – the loading phase, weight loss stage, and maintenance.

Understanding the Phases of Your Diet Drop Program

An hCG weight loss program is typically divided into three parts to acclimatize your body with the regimen. The diet drop program is a low fat and low-calorie diet combined with the human hormone hCG to maximize results.

  • Loading phase

The program generally starts by allowing you to eat high fat and high-calorie foods for a day or two. It is an important phase of the program, so your body will have the extra strength to go through the whole weight loss process.

  • Weight loss stage

The weight-loss stage is the most important part of shedding those extra pounds as you continue to minimize calorie intake. Additionally, you will be required to continue taking diet drops to replenish your body’s strength. HCG gradually increases your metabolic rate, so you burn more calories.

  • Maintenance

The maintenance process is often the critical phase of maintaining your gains because your body has adjusted to its new frame. There is a gradual stop in taking hCG during this stage, but you need to watch out for your diet. You will need to avoid sugar or starch and are only allowed to eat in measured portions.

HCG is a Dietary Program that Instills Food Discipline

Although hCG is human-derived, there is more to it than taking the weight loss product. It instils dietary discipline as you are only allowed to eat limited amounts of protein and carbohydrates. You will be allowed to eat fruits and vegetables to supplement your body with the needed vitamins and minerals.

However, the dietary regimen will take away all the sugar and gradually decrease your carb intake. It is important to understand that hCG is an effective weight loss therapy, and you have to maintain that discipline throughout your weight loss journey. Consequently, hCG is meant to be consumed at repeated cycles to maintain your body’s ideal weight.