Pros and Cons: 6 of the Best and Worst Aspects of Living in Melbourne


If you’ve discovered cheap office space in Melbourne and you’re thinking of making the move, it’s worth doing a little research first to ensure you’ll feel at home. While it’s Australia’s second most populous city, Melbourne’s vibe couldn’t be more different from Sydney (number one on the list) and Brisbane (number three). 

Below, we’ll take you through six highs and lows you can expect to experience if you become a Melbournian. 

Pro: Melbourne is full of quirky and beautiful secrets

Often compared to Berlin, Melbourne is a city filled with fascinating cultural currents that swim beneath the surface, popping up here and there to surprise you with their beauty and strangeness. A walk through the city will almost always reveal a quirky new eatery, bar, gallery, or street art installation. And that’s only the beginning. Melbourne is the ideal Aussie town for creative souls who are always willing to answer the call to adventure. 

Con: The cost of living can be quite high

While there are plenty of cool little eateries serving delicious food at affordable prices, in general, the cost of living in Melbourne can get uncomfortably high. Renting a home or apartment in the city will take a huge chunk out of your pay cheque, and don’t even get us started on grocery and fuel prices. 

Pro: There’s always a way to save money

Of course, there are ways to avoid the money traps in Melbourne. Public transport in and around the city is fantastic (when it’s working), and there are plenty of small towns within easy reach of the CBD via the train lines. Melbourne’s modern serviced office buildings also offer affordable office space for savvy freelancers and business owners. 

Con: Traffic and transport issues

While you can usually get from Geelong and other surrounding cities into Melbourne with a quick and pleasant train ride, the journey isn’t always hassle-free. Disruptions can happen, and when they do, you can end up being an hour late to work or that important client meeting or event.

With a growing population, Melbourne also faces more than its fair share of traffic congestion. Add to this the complications involved in sharing the roads with trams, and transportation issues can be a formidable challenge for newcomers to the city.  

Pro: There’s always something cool to do

From visiting ferry penguins in St Kilda to attending music festivals, gallery openings, and other cultural events, you’ll never be short of something amazing to do in Melbourne. Many events are free, and those that aren’t are invariably worth the investment. If you want your friends back home to be jealous of your bustling social life, Melbourne is the place to be. 

Con: You must respect the religion of the AFL

If you’re already a football fanatic, this one may not phase you. However, if you don’t follow AFL, you may want to keep that fact to yourself. Of course, you’re not expected to watch every game or know all the rules. However, it’s best to avoid disparaging sports in general, and AFL specifically, in Melbourne. You may inadvertently upset someone who could have been a valuable business contact!

If the highs have you excited and the lows don’t seem that bad, you may have been a Melbournian at heart all along! Oh, and if you’re wondering why we didn’t mention Melbourne’s famously crazy weather, that’s because just as many people love it as hate it. Whatever your thoughts are on wild weather patterns, we can all agree that high grocery bills, congested traffic, and hook turns aren’t cool! 


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