Virtual training usually combines the convenience and ease of online as well as a physical class with the power or flexibility that contemporary technology provides. With virtual training, the education system has become more flexible and the barriers of time and distance are also reduced significantly. But the virtual classroom is still in the development phase and is far from its perfection. So, before you enroll in any virtual training program you must know both the pros and cons of the virtual classroom training. Once you are aware of both the pros and cons of the virtual classroom training program you can enroll in the course at your convenience. Hence, in this article, we have come up with some major pros and cons of the virtual classroom training program.

Pros of virtual classroom training

The following are some essential pros of virtual classroom training:

  • Virtual classroom training courses offer more flexibility than that of the physical classroom. The biggest advantage of a virtual classroom is that it does not require any on-site staff for opening the training classroom. You can access the virtual training program as long as you have an Internet connection and so you can avail of the virtual training as per your convenience. This facility you will never get in a physical classroom program.
  •  Virtual classroom training programs are very cost-effective and since you can avail of the training program from the comfort of your home or office you can save the cost of transportation which is mandatory in case of physical class.
  • A virtual training program is contained and secure. In this kind of training program, you get a safer and secure place to practice and learn new skills. Hence, in the virtual classroom training program, you do not have the risk of corrupting your data or leaking your sensitive and personal information or damaging the expensive hardware. 

Cons of Virtual classroom Training

The following are some cons of virtual classroom training which you must be aware of before enrolling into any virtual classroom training program:

  • Everybody in this world is not tech-savvy and hence they may not be comfortable with the virtual training courses and may not enjoy the concept of online training.
  • Virtual classroom training is a new and innovative approach to learning and navigating the courses embedded in a virtual classroom program may not be easy for everyone. People generally need some kind of general technological skills for feeling comfortable in the virtual training program.
  • Providing prerequisite technological skills in any kind of technical or non-technical courses may lengthen the process for rolling out virtual classroom training and as a result, it can overload or overburden the support staff with a lot of questions about how to use the virtual training program. The time, expense, and effort that you will require for preparing and training the trainer, instructors, and other relevant staff for teaching the students virtually may be huge. Hence, a virtual training program can be sometimes very time-consuming and costly.