Coronavirus has taken many lives, and still, there are a lot of infected people around the world. The number of new cases rises every minute. Some countries have managed to control the virus to some extent, but still, the risk is haunting the public.

The medical authorities take necessary actions to reduce the number of cases and cure the people who are already on the verge of losing their lives. But there isn’t an exact cure for the COVID-19 epidemic. Since the risk is high, people are to remain cautious and to follow the necessary safety precautions.

The public is to remain at homes and be considerate of personal hygiene. The coronavirus spreads through the breath from human to human. Among the advises issued by the medical authorities, people should wear a mask when they are in places which are the risk of exposing to coronavirus.

There are several types of masks available to buy from the pharmacies or order online. They are cloth masks, surgical masks, N95 respirators, etc. These masks fall under two major categories as Reusable masks and disposable masks.

Reusable cloth masks

Cloth masks are made of clothes as it is in the name. The most common type of clothes use to sew cloth masks is cotton. These masks are the ideal masks for the general public as they provide lesser protection when compared with surgical masks and N95 respirators.

As the supply of surgical masks and N95 respirators are limited, cloth masks are there to fill the shortage. Not only the higher supply but also the lower price makes the cloth masks affordable in the market. Therefore, the main focus is to reserve the surgical masks and N95 respirators to the people who are in high-risk of exposure to the virus. They are used by doctors, nurses, and medical personnel.

Homemade cloth masks

As the higher demand is there for the masks, people sew masks at home. They are the homemade cloth masks. If you have the proper materials and sewing abilities, there is no issue of making your masks yourself. But there is a risk of the quality and the safety provided by homemade masks. There isn’t any performance test or an evaluation of the final product. Therefore, it is wise to buy a mask produced by a recognized company unless there aren’t masks available to buy. Cloth masks are the best affordable mask in the market.

Ultifresh Reusable cloth mask

Ultifresh is the first company to create an anti-bacterial reusable mask in Singapore. The Ultifresh reusable mask provides three layers of protection with a BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) value of 99%. It has adjustable loops that fit all the face sizes. The manufacturing process is well supervised and does in a closed, dust, and bacteria-free room. Ultifresh Reusable cloth mask is washable but should remove the center layer before washing it. People can order the masks from the Ultifresh website. Delivery is available within Singapore and worldwide.

Wearing a high-quality mask is the better way to stay safe in public, along with following other precautions to be safe in this critical situation.