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Some Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Property Secure


At one time putting up a tall fence around your commercial property and padlocking the gate was usually enough to keep any but the most determined thieves out, but things have changed. Now the thieves are more determined than ever, and come armed with an arsenal of technology that makes the old fence and padlock look like a slice of Swiss cheese! The good news is that the good guys also have some new tricks up their sleeves to help you keep your property secure.

There have been a lot of great advances when it comes to having a commercial security system installed on your property. While no one can promise 100% protection these systems come really close and will prove very discouraging to anyone thinking of trying to break in, just the sight of the camera is often enough to send them slinking away into the night, and there is a lot more than that working behind the scenes to thwart evildoers! 

Let’s now take a closer look at some of the things you can do in addition to your security system to make sure your commercial property remains secure:

  • Risk Assessment – Take a long walk around your property with an eye to spot any possible vulnerabilities. Look for potential weaknesses that could be exploited as entry points, blind spots where the surveillance cameras aren’t reaching, and dimly lit or dark areas that the thieves love to lurk in to keep out of sight as they try to sneak in. Once you have a good idea of the current situation you can better assess how to fill in those gaps and make your property more secure.
  • Security Protocols – Sometimes break-ins happen due to human carelessness. It’s incumbent on you to make sure your staff is fully trained in a set of security protocols, and know what to do in the event of a problem. They should understand how to look for and report any suspicious activities, keep important information physically secure as well as cybersecure, and know the procedures related to opening up and closing down the premises. The best way to accomplish this is to conduct regular training sessions along with live security drills so your people know exactly what to do in the event of a real emergency.
  • Fortify – Make sure that your doors, windows, and fences are fortified against break-ins. Reinforce windows with shatter-proof glass and security film to make breaking them nearly impossible. Install heavy-duty reinforced doors with top-quality deadbolts, locks, and card access control systems. Make sure any fencing is resistant to bolt cutters and is difficult to climb over. You may not be able to keep everyone out, but most thieves are lazy and will walk away discouraged when faced with a strong security perimeter.

If you want more information on commercial security in Australia check out the official Protective Security Policy Framework’s webpage. We hope this helps your commercial property stay safe and able to keep the bad guys out!

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