Things That Make Live Pharmacy CE Programs Effective


Pharmacists must keep themselves updated with the latest trends in their field. For instance, they should be well aware of any changes in pharmacy laws. For any pharmacist, earning Continuing Education (CE) credits is a must to renew work license and continue their practice. 

There are various sources to earn CE credits. However, the best alternative to gather knowledge and earn CE credits is attending live pharmacy CE programs. Let us see some factors that make these programs useful. 

Compliant with ACPE Standards

ACPE ensures high quality of these live CE programs, aiding in advancements in the field of pharmacy. The board offers a base for uniform acceptance of CE credits across all the states. Also, they carry out a regular review of the programs, share valuable feedback, aiming at continuous improvement. A useful live CE seminar will adhere to the board’s regulations.

Aware of the Audience’s Professional Interests

The providers of live CE programs are mindful of the type of audience present for the session. The CE program’s orientation is such that it suits and benefits the audience. 

For example, the audience with working expertise in ambulatory care setup would wish to sign up for a CE seminar in the same domain. Thus, the CE program would speak more about anticoagulation guidelines.

Believe in Active learning

A productive live CE session will keep the participants engaged, and these programs make use of resources like clickers and audience response cards to encourage active learning. Another significant way to keep the program functioning is to include case studies. 

For instance, if the CE program is on Oncology care, then a case study can be shared with the audience, asking the crowd about the latest drugs in the market for chemotherapy. 

Include Interactive Question-Answer Sessions

The live CE programs have presentations from some of the exceptional medical experts. An informed and attentive crowd will undoubtedly have questions from the presentations. 

A dedicated live pharmacy CE program will have an interactive segment with the audience. The medical experts come well prepared and answer all the queries of other pharmacists and healthcare professionals. 

Such a session helps the rest of the audience to enhance their knowledge, even if specific questions did not strike them during the seminar. 

Programs are Evidence-Based

These live sessions include relevant practice recommendations, affirmed by approved evidence-based sources. All the discussed trials are methodically identified and scrutinized as per the predefined conditions. However, the systematic reviews of evidence for a few concepts are unavailable, creating a challenge for all participants.

Programs Include Alumni Networking Events

Round the year, reputed providers organize such live programs. There will be known faces, with almost the same crowd attending these productive programs. An efficient program will have time allocated for alumni interactions. 

Pharmacists can meet their colleagues and also gain new contacts from these meetups. Those looking for new opportunities can share their business cards and resumes with potential employers.

To summarize, select a reputed provider and go through all the related live CE programs they offer. Based on the categories mentioned above, choose the most productive session to maintain pace with the current updates in the field of pharmacy.

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